Hi guys and first of all, thank you for visiting our website. To the readers it is called a travel blog, to us, we call it our baby. Launched on 1st January 2017, we aim to bring you our experiences, advice, journals and lots of amazing stuff from the world of travel. We also hope to bring you blogs from our cycling, hiking, running, scuba diving adventures and all the hidden gems we find.


How we met

After meeting at a ‘traveller’s-backpacker’s’ meetup in Camden, London , UK, we kept meeting now and again for drinks, social activities and so forth and our relationship grew from there. Then the idea of joining up as a travel blogger duo was born in 2016 and whilst we traveled to places like Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany and Morocco, we worked very hard on our ‘baby’ as well as all the ‘other’ relationship stuff which comes along with life.


About Claire

Hailing from Hampshire, UK, the former-cheerleader turned television production ‘techy-geeky’ girl, Claire became a travel blogger back in 2015 with her blog ‘Curious Claire’ before teaming up with Danik to bring you ‘The Curious Explorers’. Other activities involve following Tottenham Hotspur football club and finding the quirky things in life from toilets turned into food stands and finding hidden houses in cities.


About Danik

Born and breed in Hertfordshire, UK, Danik works full time in railway management in London whilst taking on marathons all around the world as well as doing crazy cycle rides like cycling to Amsterdam from Stevenage for a pint of beer. Danik became a blogger/writer many moons ago but it wasn’t until 2013 that his blog ‘Danik the Explorer’ took off before killing it off to make way for ‘The Curious Explorers’.


Why the blog?

We bring you this blog to share our experiences and pass on advice to our readers about places on our beautiful planet. Not only do we get to go to wonderful places we are also learning about local cultures, food, languages as well as taking in amazing experiences. Our background for the blog comes from all angles from exploring new cultures to enjoying luxury travel but we also like to focus on healthy lifestyles and fitness activities whilst on the road (such as doing a marathon in Hong Kong but also checking out the variety of restaurants in the city as well as checking out the top sights or maybe doing a hike or two). Who knows, we might write about a quirky thing or two as well.


Where Danik & Claire have traveled together around the world