Hiking the Sucha Bela Gorge

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Slovakia is one of those countries in Europe which is mostly fields and trees with a few cities but right in the north of the country it is very mountainous with two mountain ranges. There is the Higher Tatra’s mountain range which shares a border with Poland and the Lower Tatra’s mountain range which is a bit more closer to the centre of the country. It is here where there is plenty of hiking trails to check out and we chose to do one in the Slovak Paradise National Park (Slovensky Raj). The one particular hike we chose was the Sucha Bela gorge walk as we were told it was an easy and beautiful hike to do in the mountains.

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Starting off at a parking lot near the village of Hrabušice, the hike heads south into the gorge and steadily goes uphill along the stream. The ground is not smooth as going up the gorge is kinda rocky and slippery and it was soon clear that this hike is not for the beginner, young children and the less able.

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Walking up the gorge there are plenty of ladders to encounter which zig-zags across the stream which requires some balancing act. Our advice here is to keep focusing. On the way there is plenty of green trees to check out and only the sound of the water can be heard.

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

The hike eventually comes to a set of waterfalls which are totally worth checking out (and if hiking this in the summer, it is really refreshing to wash the sweat of faces), but in this section, there are ladders to climb up (and only up as it is really hard to turn around and go back the way we came).

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

The route goes up a few hundred meters in hike but after all the waterfalls, the ground does get smoother but high trees still surround the route, so views of down below doesn’t come until view until the summit. Just remember to keep following the green and white markers.

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

At the summit there is a picnic area to chill out before following the long gravel path back down the mountain (following the signs for Pod Vitacim Hrbom and has a yellow and white marker). The walk down is a pleasant and easy one and takes about thirty minutes (non stop).

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

The hike is one of our favourites in Slovakia and would recommend anyone who is able, fit and doesn’t mind a bit of water to do this. The waterfalls are worth checking out and climbing the ladders are pretty fun.


  1. Allow around four hours for the hike which includes rest stops
  2. Have waterproof boots/shoes as it can be wet in places.
  3. Make sure you take food with you (and other equipment like first aid etc). There is a shop at the start of route to buy snacks if needed.
  4. A map isn’t really necessary, just follow the markers and signs. It’s a pretty straightforward route

Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)


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Hiking the Sucha Bela gorge (Slovakia)

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  1. What a beautiful hiking trail! I would love to explore the Sucha Bela Gorge and see the waterfalls.
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  2. Oh my goodness what an absolutely stunning place, I have to admit I would have loved to walked places like this, I wish I had when I could of.

  3. Robin Rue

    Wow, what an awesome place to hike! I LOVED all your pictures. The views are amazing.

  4. ALi Rost

    What a fun way to spend an afternoon! I loved the network of foot bridges .. and the waterfall was great too. There’s nothing more calming to me than being in nature.

  5. This looks like a beautiful destination. My family loves being adventurous and would love to go hiking together.
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  7. What an amazing hike! That waterfall is just gorgeous – it’s so fun to make little finds like that when you are exploring a new place!
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  8. Those ladders zig-zagging across the stream are so cool. I would have to try hard to keep my balance on them.

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  11. This seems like the perfect hike, just the right amount of adventure! I would be a little afraid crossing the water!

  12. Hiking a great way to stay fit and enjoy nature at the same time. That place is a great place to hike.

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Beautiful place. I love to see nature in its raw element. Not the kind that is commercialized and filled with noisy tourists. I love going back to your blog because viewing your photos and reading about your adventures is as good as being there myself.

  14. My Teen Guide

    Beautiful place for a hike! Raw, untouched beauty of nature at its best. I wish I could go on hikes like that too. Sometimes the same mountain trails can get boring.

  15. What a gorgeous place for a hike. I would love to visit there one day enjoy the beautiful nature!

  16. This is an excellent place for hiking, Danik! Slovenia is so picturesque!

  17. It sounds like a great place to take a hike. Also it looks like there is great scenery, I bet it’s also a great place for photography.
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  18. Amazing! The waterfalls look so beautiful. We had a similar experience when we went hiking in Plitvice nature park.

  19. I would love to visit this place. Looks so peaceful! The waterfall looks beautiful too!

  20. What a wonderfully green place. And beautiful waterfalls. I haven’t been Slovakia – it does look worth visiting
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  21. I haven’t been to Slovenia yet but have heard about how great of a place it is to visit! I would love to get out and see some nature, Sucha Bela Gorge looks beautiful and a perfect place to visit if you want to see some of Slovenia’s natural beauty!

  22. Maartje

    Beautiful photos, the hike looks like a comfortable and green trail 🙂 Every time I read about Slovenia, I am more convinced to visit the country.

  23. This looks like a really fun hike with beautiful scenery! I’d never really had Slovenia on our travel wish list but seeing these photos and reading your blog has got me thinking we need to include it in our travels. Thanks for the info!

  24. This looks like a super fun hike! Enough of a varied terrain to keep me from getting bored 😛
    Glad you mentioned the tip about wearing waterproof boots! That’s never a fun thing to have sprung on you while hiking!

  25. So much virgin and pristine beauty in Slovakia! Though the hike is 4 hours you guys make it seem like its super easy, and great advice on the waterproof shoes!
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  26. Slovak Paradise National Park looks like a lovely place to explore away from the cities. The forest is enchanting. Those boardwalks look like they might be a little challenging in some places though.

  27. Loved your hike photos! So glad to see you both in the pictures nowadays. 😉 Gorgeous place. I visited Slovakia for a few hours on a Viking River Cruise a few weeks ago and loved it! Such a beautiful country and so historic. Nice seeing a different side through your lens.
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  28. I’m not surprised at all that Slovakia has that kind of awesome hike opportunities. This one seems very nice and chill aka perfect. Putting it on my list, thanks for sharing.
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  29. This looks like a fun hike. The photos show an amazing side of Slovakia.

  30. Such a beautiful trail. And I must say, you are so bold. I would think many times before stepping foot on that bridge and I am not even sure if I would be able to make it to the other side. But i would still like to try sometime

  31. What a beautiful hike! I don’t know much of anything about Slovakia, but from what I can see in your post it looks beautiful there. Thanks for sharing!
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  32. Megan Jerrard

    Wow this is a pretty epic hike! The ladders definitely add an adventure element :D! I’ve only passed briefly through Slovakia in the past, though these have been quick city stops and we haven’t had the chance to get out into the proper country. Might have to rectify this!

  33. The Sucha Bela Gorge looks like a beautiful hike. The waterfalls would make it all worth it! It’s great to be able to spend some time outdoors in the wilderness while travelling. Thanks for sharing.

  34. This hike looks gorgeous! I love any hike that involves waterfalls. I would love to do this when I was in the area.
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  35. This post gave me chills – I grew up hiking in the Slovak Paradise, and Suchá Belá is one of my favorite hikes in the National Park! My father is from and my grandparents lived in nearby Spišská Nová Ves so I spent a lot of summers there. In fact, my father, when he was young, was part of the crew that put all those ladders up in Suchá Belá as well as other spots.

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