Tips for Traveling as a Couple from Experienced Travel Couples

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Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

It’s funny how quickly your life can change. When I set off for Asia last year I had no idea it would be my final solo trip as a single girl. My first trip back in Europe was to Switzerland with a boyfriend; Danik. I am no longer an empowered solo traveler. Instead I am part of a traveling duo. I now have someone to share my adventures with.

While it’s great having someone to share my passion for travel with, it’s also changed the way I travel. Before Danik every decision was mine to make. There was no compromising, no sacrificing, no having to worry about another person. I went and did what ever I wanted (to a certain extent!) and the only person I had to look after was myself.

Before he met me, Danik had traveled with past partners so traveling as part of a couple is nothing new for him. I on the other hand didn’t get in to travel until I was single back in 2012. Apart from a few holidays with family, friends and school, my whole travel life has been while I’m single. Now I find myself in a completely new world of travel that I’m still getting used to.

When I was single and dreaming of having someone to share my adventures with I never imagined it being so different from solo travel. I’ve never really been all that great at being part of a couple and being a travel couple makes things completely different. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new life and love having someone to share travel with, it’s just more of an adjustment than I ever realised. That’s why I asked those experienced travel couples I’ve been following from afar for their number 1 tip on surviving travel when you’re a traveling couple.

Tip from: Drive on the Left
Couple for: 18 years
Traveling for: Internationally, about 11 years
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Having an open line of communication is key for successful couples travel. There is nothing worse than being upset or bothered by something all day while on the road, letting it fester, and not doing anything about it until it blossoms into an unnecessary argument. We try to be open and honest with each other, so that our travel experiences together are as fulfilling for both of us as possible.

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: RoarLoud
Couple for: 6 years
Traveling for: 5 years
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Always remember, you are a team. No matter how stressful the situation, just remember you have each other’s back.  Any obstacle can be overcome if you act as a team. As Cathy always says, “WE’VE got this”. Sometimes just knowing there is someone you can lean on in tough times is all you need.

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: Goats On The Road
Couple for: 10 years
Traveling for: 8 years
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Have fun and laugh. Don’t take anything too seriously. All you have on the road is each other, so be supportive, loving and respectful of one another. Don’t get so hungry that you get angry, carrying around snacks is always a good idea

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: Drifter Planet
Couple for: 3.5 years
Traveling for: 3.5 years
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No. 1 Tip: Teamwork. Teamwork for traveling couples is more than just dividing responsibilities based on who can do better. It is also about supporting each other through hard times. While traveling, there will be moments when things will go wrong. During those times, negative reactions can do a lot of damage. It is important to look at the bigger picture and be each other’s strength.

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: Nomadic Boys
Couple for: 8 years
Traveling for: Since we first met
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Traveling together means we are around one another 24/7 and this can get quite intense. It’s certainly made us closer as a couple. But one thing we’ve learnt and our number 1 tip is to appreciate the need for alone time and make a conscious effort to let the other have this when he wants/needs it.

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: Two Drifters
Couple for: 5 years
Traveling for: More than 5 years!
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It’s ok if you have arguments or tension, or if every day traveling together isn’t great. Travel can be really stressful at times (and so can life), so accept what comes and ride both the ups and downs together. This is the way to truly enjoy the very best moments of the adventure, and to grow closer as a couple.

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: A Brit and A Southerner
Couple for: 9 years
Traveling for: First ‘major’ trip together was 7 years ago
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Traveling together as a couple is the most rewarding aspect because you get to enjoy all of the amazing attractions and experiences with the person you love! Our best tip for folks starting out traveling as a couple is be prepared to make sacrifices and get out of your comfort zone to experience things together that you may not normally think about doing.
Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples


Tip from: Travelling Weasels
Couple for: 11 years
Traveling for: 4 years full time
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Be prepared to get to know your other half more than you’ve ever known anyone before, couples that travel together see each other 24/7 – they also see each other at their best and at their worst. Travelling together was the best decision we ever made, before we travelled we lived together, but we barely ever saw each other!

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: Food Travelist
Couple for: 10 years
Traveling for: Since we first met
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Our number one tip: Be flexible. We’ve got a planner and a someone who likes to go with the flow. To keep everyone happy it’s best to plan some things and also leave some time for spontaneous fun and discovery. This makes everyone happy. One of our best trips was when we did a two-week road trip in France. We only booked the first night and last night hotel rooms. Everyone survived and we had a wonderful experience.

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: 2 Food Trippers
Couple for: 11 years
Traveling for: All 11 years
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Our number one tip is to have fun while traveling. Travel is the true test of couple’s bonding. If you can’t travel well as a couple, then you probably can’t succeed as a couple. We’ve been traveling so much and so far that we always find ways to have fun with day-to-day mundane activities from daily walks to flossing our teeth. (Yes. We’ve made a sport out of tossing dental floss across our hotel rooms and apartments.)

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples

Tip from: Roaming Required
Couple for: 10 years
Traveling for: 9.5 years
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The key to happy travels is compromise.  No matter where you travel, ensure that you both get to do something you love. Despite being very different in many facets, compromise works for us. Roma loves beaches and food markets while Russell is the resident history buff and loves museums. We regularly change it up to try and cater to differing preferences.  Remember, they’re your partner and travel buddy for a reason, so do something you both love.

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples


Of course it’s not just couples in a relationship that need to understand the important of being a team. Whether you’re a romantic couple or just best friends, there is a huge difference traveling as a couple than traveling solo or as part of group.


Tip from: Just a Pack
We’ve been a non-romantic, full-time travel couple for over 3 years
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Our number one travel tip is to make sure you both want to get the same thing out of travel before you leave home. If you are the kind of person who wants to party every night, loves outdoor activities, and feeds off of social interaction but your travel partner prefers quiet nights, art galleries, and is drained after a few hours of socializing things might not work out. Michael and I were very lucky. Despite not knowing each other all that well before we left NYC together we quickly realized that our travel styles are very similar, and that’s why it works for us. We’ve met plenty of people along the way that have recounted horror stories about traveling with their partners or best friend only to discover that they simply weren’t compatible on the road, despite being compatible otherwise. If you’re not on the same page with your travel partner, nothing else will really remedy the situation.

Tips for traveling as a couple from experience travel couples


There you have it, some great advice from 12 experienced travel couples. Do you travel as a couple? What would be your number 1 tip?




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  1. Robin Rue

    These are all great tips. I rarely travel alone with my husband, but once my kids are older we will be going alone a lot.

  2. These are some great tips, I usually travel solo but can’t wait to meet my significant other so we can travel together. I’ll keep these in mind 🙂

  3. Hubby and I make it a point to take at least 1 trip together. Love these tips and if I could add one it would simply be to enjoy and explore. We try to do something we’ve never done when we travel together. It’s nice to experience new places with your special someone.

  4. I love all the tips that you did. I also love that you were able to travel alone before you met your boyfriend. I never wanted to travel alone and I admire people who did. My husband and I along with our son travel quite a bit and you’re right there is some compromise involved. I was have to think of what they are interested also when I plan trips.

  5. I am going to have to check these couples out, I would love to travel more with my other half and get to see some more of the world.

  6. These are great tips for traveling as a couple. I would love to find someone to travel with like this in a few years when my kids are older. Having lost my husband, I really don’t want to do it alone.

  7. Aww sad to say I just want to travel with my kid. I didn’t have a nice past with a guy. Ha! But these tips are a plus!

  8. So sweet! I love traveling with my hubs. Since we are now parents we don’t get to travel alone as much as before kids!

  9. Angelic Sinova

    These are great tips for not just couples but for travelers period! My favorite tip has got to be “Have fun and laugh.” That’s so true in traveling and in life in general.

  10. These are all so great! I am really with Goats on the Road though; being able to have fun and laugh about all the little things is crucial for my husband and me!

  11. This is a great set of tips for anyone looking to travel with their partner! The biggest lesson I’ve learned from traveling with my partner is to not blame each other for any missteps or getting lost!

  12. This is a really different post, I have never read anyhting like this before. My husband and I have been together for 6 years and have never been on holiday together due to lack of money but we plan on going very soon. I will keep these in mind as I know he is bound to drive me crazy lol

  13. Thanks so much for sharing our tip! We love traveling as a couple, and are excited to add our new little dog into the mix! That’s gonna be a whole ‘nother thing! haha. 🙂

  14. What a great post. Definitely useful for sure! I rarely travel solo (Unless it’s for work and even then it’s rare), so I’ll take some of these to heart when my wife and I are off on various adventures! It gets 10x tougher when you bring another entire family along too!

  15. Hubby and I travel together frequently. We always make sure to enjoy the culture wherever we go. It’s great to see so many other couples doing the same.

  16. Travel alone has its own advantages. But I guess traveling with the one you love is more exciting.

  17. Neha Saini

    These are some great tips 😛 I don’t think so that I have any chance of travelling with my better half, cause he doesn’t exist 😛 😀 But thanks for sharing your experience. The couples who use to travel would enjoy this for sure.

  18. Rebecca Swenor

    This is a great post for all those couples wanting to know advice from other couples traveling together. I believe the key a great relationship is communicating with each other on everything. It is always important not to forget that you have each other and don’t have to stress out about little things. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips for other couples traveling.

  19. Dogvills

    Thanks for the great read. It is nice to get advice from seasoned travelers. My husband and I occasionally travel as a couple, so we can apply most of the advice in this post the next time we travel.

  20. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Amazing how these couples have spend so many years travelling together! That must be so much fun. Their pieces of advice are all great too.

  21. It’s awesome to be able to share your adventures with a person that you care about! I love traveling alone but it’s also nice to have someone with you. I think these couples are adorable and it would be nice to follow their adventures.

  22. These are all great tips! Communication and having a good sense of humor are very important. I totally agree that it’s also essential to get time to yourself when traveling with someone.

  23. These are all incredible tips. It is great to see these awesome couples seeing the world together. I’m sure their relationships are stronger from these shared experiences.

  24. Some quite interesting stories. I am a solo traveler but if I will ever have a travel partner these tips would be very much useful. I will keep it in mind until then.

  25. Great job on putting together this list. Patience,respect are key ingredients indeed…love the advice about keeping snacks on hand – I get so grumpy when hungry lol

  26. Thanks so much for including our tip on your list. Loved reading the other couples advice as well.

  27. Yes to all of this! The first thing I did when I met my boyfriend was say “well, where are we going?” After dating only 6 months I took him overseas for the first time. I had been to nearly 30 countries. We settled on living out of a van in New Zealand. People thought we were nuts for traveling across the globe to go on a road trip together after only dating for a short time. Guess what? It was awesome. We are still together and travel together as much as possible. He chose our second destination – Nepal. Just goes to show that you can do anything if you are honest with one another about expectations and understand each other’s unique needs.

  28. The tip about keeping snacks handy (or maybe just try to eat at regular times) is golden. This is SO me and my partner. We roar at each other when we are food grumpy lol

  29. Daniela || Ipanema travels to

    Good tips! I mostly travel with my boyfriend and I totally enjoy it, but sometimes I take “solo” trips to a museum, while he is waiting outside for me with a beer in a café. Mutual tolerance is perhaps the most important key to traveling with your partner!

  30. Bringing a snack is very important. Countless times when while we were traveling through Europe we were so hungry that we were on each others last nerves. Having a snack can prevent so much bickering haha.

  31. My wife and I have been traveling together for 2 years now and we have grown up mature and appreciative of each other all these years! Traveling together isn’t all rosy as most bloggers portray, especially when you are managing a blog but it is so so worth it! I love 2 food trippers and drive on the left. These guys are just amazing! 🙂

  32. Hi Claire,

    Agreed 100% on the Goats advice.

    We are not both travel bloggers but my wife Kelli and I run blogs and have circled the globe for the past 6 years. Have fun. Laugh. Enjoy the ride. When you do have a dust up – all of us not named Buddha do have little fights – then let it go fast, smile, laugh again and do not hold grudges or anger.

    We work so well together because we go with the flow and take things lightly. This means few disagreements, fewer mix ups and we let go stuff really fast. Which you need to do if you want to remain sane on the road. Otherwise, you will go mad with all the zany stuff that happens as you travel.

    Thanks for the smart advice Claire.


  33. Lovely and well-curated post. It was nice reading about the tips from couple travel bloggers, especially as we too are couple bloggers. We can identify and empathize with the thoughts of most if not all of the couples featured here. Of course, the essence is teamwork and open communication and sharing of experiences.

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