Our Authentic Moroccan Stay at Riad Toyour

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Our Authentic Moroccan Stay at Riad Toyour

Our recent trip to Fès was the first time both of Danik and myself had been to Morocco so when it came to picking the accommodation we knew we wanted to go for a riad to have a more authentic stay.

What Is A Riad?

A riad is a traditional Moroccan house that is built around an interior Andalusian-style courtyard, usually containing a fountain. The word “riad” comes from the Arabian term for garden. Traditional riads will not have any large windows facing outside which is due to the Islamic idea of privacy. The windows instead will be facing the inner garden.

Riad Toyour Courtyard - Fes, Morocco

Introducing Riad Toyour

After searching online we came across Riad Toyour. Situated in the old town just outside the medina, this beautiful riad full of plants and birds caught our attention. When booking our stay we had given the staff our flight details and they kindly arranged a taxi to pick us up from the airport. 

Our taxi was waiting for us as soon as we arrived and took us straight to our riad which wasn’t too far away by car. We were dropped off at the car park and we headed down a tiny street to Riad Toyour. The entrance was just a plan looking door in the street which made the place seem more authentic.

Red Petit Taxin in Fes, Morocco

We were greeted on arrival with some traditional Moroccan mint tea. The perfect way to start our trip! While we sipped on our tea it gave us a chance to look around the courtyard. The mosaic design was so beautiful.

Mint Tea - Morocco

The Room

As soon as we walked through the door of our room and had a smile on my face thinking “yes, this will do just fine!” The room was a great size and an elegant charm to it. With a double bed, ensuite bathroom and plenty of space, it was the perfect room for a couple.

Riad Toyour Bedroom - Fes, Morocco

Riad Toyour Bedroom - Fes, Morocco

The Location

Situated just outside the medina and a short walk from the main road, Riad Toyour really does have a great location. We enjoyed visiting the medina, having a look at all the things available to buy. You can really get a sense of the local culture by doing this. We loved exploring the old city of Fès.

Medina - Fes, Morocco

If want to get stunning views of Fès simply head away from the medina towards the main road. On the other side of the road there is a hill you can climb. It’s not big and there’s a path up! The views from the top were stunning. Plus there is also a hotel up there that has a bar so you can enjoy a Moroccan beer while taking in the views.

Stunning view of Fes, MoroccoCasablaanca Beer - Fes, Morocco

The Staff

The staff at Riad Toyour were so accommodating and really looked after us. They were always around to answer our questions and when we said wanted to visit some cool places near Fès, they organised a tour guide to pick us up and show us around. Our guide even took us to go find some monkeys! 

Barbary Macaque Monkey - Morocco

The Food

Every morning we awoke to the most amazing spread of local food. We had a selection of yoghurt and fruit, Moroccan bread, fresh juice and a selection of teas and coffee. The table always looked so elegant and it was lovely eating in the courtyard while listening to the birds singing in the trees.

Breakfast table at Riad Toyour - Fes, Morocco

You can also have dinner at Riad Toyour but this needs to be arranged in advance to give the staff time to get fresh food from the medina. When you tell the staff you would like to have dinner they will ask you want you want and then prepare an amazing three course meal for you. The dinner is not included but is well worth spending the money!

To find out more about the local food check out our Guide to Moroccan Food.

Zaalouk Salad at Riad Toyour - Fes, Morocco


  • Remember, Riad Toyour is next to the medina so light sleepers may need earplugs to block out the call to prayer
  • Dinner needs to be booked in advance so plan the night you wish to stay in and eat
  • If you can, head over to Chefchaouen, the beautiful blue city of Morocco
  • Remember, red petite taxis are not allowed to drive outside the city limits. Depending on where you go, you may need a grand taxi
  • Don’t forget Morocco is a muslim country so respect the culture and don’t wear anything too revealing



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Our Authentic Moroccan Stay at Riad Toyour, Fès

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