The Ultimate Guide to Cat Cafes Around the World

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Cat Cafes have exploded in popularity over the last few years with new locations being opened all the time. While the first cat cafe was opened in Taiwan, it was actually Japan that caused them to become so popular. Most likely due to the apartments being too small for residents to have pets of their own.

It was during my recent adventures around Asia that I became addicted to these cafes. While on the road they were a great place to enjoy a coffee and snack with cute, furry kitties.

While in Penang someone contacted me on Snapchat to make sure I knew about the local cat cafe as I had been to a few already on the trip. If it wasn’t for him I would have missed my new favourite cafe. I had a look online and I couldn’t find a list of cat cafes around the world so I called upon my fellow bloggers to help create this ultimate list of cat cafes around the world.





Hong Kong – Ah Meow

– by Claire

Ah Meow is a bit of a hidden gem in Hong Kong. In fact, when I told the girl working there I was a tourist she wondered how I had even heard of the place! Unlike a lot of other cat cafes there is no entrance fee and no one forcing you to have a drink or get something to eat to be able to enter.

Many residents of Hong Kong are unable to keep cats due to small apartments and long working hours so this cafe is popular with the locals. The cafe is covered in cat decorations making it a cat lovers paradise. They even have cute little cat decorated biscuits you can buy and take home.

Hong Kong Ah Meow Cat Cafe



Kyoto – Nekokaigi

– by Cynthia Chou

Cafe Nekokaigi is a wonderfully friendly space owned by an elderly couple who really love cats. Once you find the slightly hidden entrance (typical of buildings in Japan) and make your way up the stairs, you will be asked to replace your shoes with slippers before meeting the thirteen resident kitties – all of whom have their own profile on the cafe’s website. Admission is roughly $9 USD, and unlike most other cat cafes, drinks are completely optional – but I recommend grabbing their Japanese green tea latte for only a couple bucks.

The owners love interacting with the customers and showing them the cats favorite petting spots, and the cats themselves are very well-behaved (no walking over your food) and enjoy the attention (I got some amazing photos). No kids under thirteen are admitted and the space is very clean – definitely one of the best cat cafe’s I’ve been to and comes highly recommended!

Kyoto Nekokaigi Cat Cafe

Okinawa – Neco Cat Cafe

– by Ashley from Forever Fernweh

This cozy cat café keeps things simple. If you need to get your fluffy snuggle fix mixed with a jolt of caffeine to get you through the day, then Neco Cat Café has got you covered.  If you are looking for a trending café full of fancy drinks and decor, look else where. This Cat café is built for the kitties.

Neco has a variety of coffees and tea, a few staple Japanese dishes (curry, rice, and creamy pastas) and an adorable clowder of cats (apparently that is what you call a group of cats, a clowder… who knew). For ¥1100 ($10) per group you get an hour to follow around several cats who would much rather enjoy the view from the wall sized sunny window. I can’t blame them, the view of the city and ocean in quite nice. All 20 cats were well mannered, beautiful and up for adoption.

Okinawa Neco Cat Cafe
To find out more about her visit here


Tokyo – Asakusa Nekoen

– by Jon from Twisted Atlas

The Asakusa Nekoen cat cafe in the Taito area of Tokyo is fairly unique. Instead of parading around fancy pants pure-breds all the cats living here are former strays, picked up by the owner and given a comfy little home. It costs 800Y to hang out here for an hour, and the money goes back into the charity to help more homeless cats. It can be found near the popular Senso-Ji temple, and while there are drinks available this is more like someone’s front room than a cafe. Instead spend your money on a plate of treats for the kitties, 100Y.

Tokyo Asakusa Nekoen Cat Cafe


Tokyo – Temari no Ouchi

– by Margherita from The Crowded Planet

I am a massive fan of cats and anything ‘kawaii’, so visiting a Tokyo cat cafe was definitely on my list. However, I didn’t want to visit one of the crowded cat cafes in central Tokyo, where entrances are timed and cover charges steep. Luckily I found Temari no Ouchi, a supercute cat café in the Kichijoji district where entrance after 7 pm costs only 700 yen – and you can stay as long as you want petting the sweet resident neko! Temari no Ouchi is like a fantasy world for cats, with lots of hobbit houses, holes and other places for them to hide, boxes to snuggle in and many cat toys for visitors to play with. There’s also a ‘quiet room’ where the cats can escape when it all gets too much for them.


Penang – Purrfect

– by Claire

Purrfect is the only cat cafe I have visited that has a full cat shop downstairs underneath the actual cat cafe. Here you can buy anything cat related from cat shaped pillows, to cat jewellery and even cat underwear!

To be allowed entrance to the upstairs cafe you will need to prebook at least a drink downstairs where you’ll be given a ticket to give to the staff upstairs. While it is a bit of a shame to not be able to casually browse the menu while enjoying the company of the cats, it is necessary to make sure the cafe are making money so they can keep supporting and providing a home for their beautiful cats

Penang Purrfect Cat Cafe



Singapore City – Neko no Niwa

– by Claire

Neko no Niwa, Japanese for Cat Garden, is the only cat cafe I have visited that charges by the hour. You pay an initial fee of $12 Singapore (about $9 US) and then an extra $5 for every additional half hour. It’s the only cat cafe that you need to keep an eye on the clock!

That being said, it’s also the only cat cafe I have been to where the staff help visitors interact with the cats. I watched one girl receive a lesson on how to use the brush to stroke one of the cats. I also had great fun watching one mischievous cat looking through the sliding glass window in the hopes of sneaking some extra food.

Singapore Neko no Niwa Cat Cafe


Singapore City – The Company of Cats

– by Kay from Paws and Pines

This adorable little cat cafe is located in the Chinatown of Singapore. Entrance fee is SGD $14 per person (approximately USD $10) for the first hour, and SGD $5 for each additional half hour. The entrance fee includes one free drink (try the delicious watermelon lemonade!). Plus, they have sofas, chairs, board games and books if you just wanna hang around all the cuteness that is cats. Shortly after I arrived, it was snack time for the cats and I got to feed them yummy tuna so obviously all cat eyes were on me. Fun times!

Singapore The Company of Cats Cafe


South Korea

Seoul – Cat’s Attic

– by Annie from Cat Obsessed

Cat’s Attic is a brightly-colored and popular cat cafe in the hip district of Hongdae.  While it gets a lot of visitors, there are plenty of cats to go around . In fact, there were 21 resident felines when I visited!  As far as I could tell, most, if not all, were purebreeds – some beautiful varieties that I’d never had a chance to see up close before.

There is a cover charge of 8000 won which includes one drink. You can purchase treats to feed the cats, although most are so friendly that they will interact with you anyway. I was lucky to befriend a sphynx on my visit – she was desperate for attention and insisted on staying on my lap nearly the entire time!


Seoul – Gio Cat

– by Cynthia Chou

Nestled in bustling Hongdae, Gio Cat is a purrfect spot to get your feline fix for only 8,000 won (roughly 7 USD) or 7,000 won for anyone under 20. This spot is definitely busier and more packed than the other cat cafes I’ve experienced, but also has more breeds as well as complimentary drinks, making it a worthwhile visit. These kitties are very curious and love to walk all over your table and steal your chair, so make keep an eye on that cute Scottish Fold sniffing your coffee. My favorite feature of the cafe are the glass walkways that run across the ceiling, which allow you to view the kitties’ squashed fur bellies from below. Irresistably cute.

My only tip is to not sit by the corners – there was a strong scent of cat pee that took away from the experience, but overall it was a lot of cuddly fun!

Seoul Gio Cat Cafe


Taipei – Cafe Dog and Cats

– by Nick from Nick Kembel

As the name implies, this café is home to a single, lonely dog (a golden retriever) and many, many cats. I’ve been to many cat cafes in Taipei, but this one is my personal favorite. It’s clean and there are lots of private spaces for the resident cats to hide, but don’t be surprised if a large, long haired feline jumps into your lap for a back scratch while you are having a coffee!

Minimum purchase is NTD 100 (4 USD) and you can also purchase snacks to feed the cats.

Taipei Cafe Dog and Cats


Bangkok – Cataholic Cafe

– by Lily & Michael from Meowoof

Cataholic is a bustling cat café located in the pet friendly community mall of Ozono, Bangkok. Cat lovers flock here to spend quality time with their array of exotic feline residents in a bright and homely setting. When bathing in the furry glory of these devine creatures takes its toll on their hunger, patrons can select from a variety of kitty themed beverages and sweets to refuel and start all over again.

Bangkok Catholic Cat Cafe
Find out more about their visit here

Bangkok – Caturday Cafe

– by Ari from Beyond Blighty 

Caturday Cafe is quite near Bangkok’s Phayathai Road and Siam Square, but this central location doesn’t make it any easier to find. The fact that it’s tucked down a side street means it has only really gained popularity with locals and hasn’t yet attracted the attention of tourists. In fact, the presence of a foreigner was such a surprise to a journalist from a local lifestyle magazine that they asked if they could interview me and take my photo!

Snacks and drinks are a little more costly than you’d usually expect in Thailand, but entrance is free and the entertaining nature of its feline residents more than makes those extra baht worthwhile.

This is the perfect place to de-stress from Bangkok’s hectic vibe. There are a few rules about bothering sleeping moggies, but otherwise it’s a free for all of furry fun.

Bangkok Caturday Cat Cafe
Find out more about her visit here

Bangkok – Purr Cat Cafe

– by Hannah & Adam from Getting Stamped

My favorite cat cafe in the world is Purr Cat Cafe Bangkok. There is no fee to enter but there is a fine if you don’t follow the cafe rules. I’ve been to several cat cafes around the world but Purr Cat Cafe is the nicest and has the fanciest cats. They serve coffee, ice cream, and some lunch items. You can even by a bowl of milk for the cats, which will make you the most popular person in the room

Bangkok Purr Cat Cafe
Find out more about their visit here

Chiang Mai – Catmosphere

– by Claire

Catmosphere was the first cat cafe I ever visited so has a special place in my heart. The cafe does not charge an entrance fee if you buy a drink or some food, however, if you’re coming just to visit the cats and not to use the cafe you will be charged 100 THB per hour (about $3).

Catmosphere is the only cat cafe I know of that also holds a cinema evening where you can enjoy the company of cats while enjoying a movie. They even let you bring you’re own movie! For just 280 THB you get to see a film with cats and the popcorn and a soft drink is included in the price!

Chiang Mai Catmosphere Cat Cafe


Chiang Mai – The Cat Stop

– by Rob & Nat from Love and Road

Chiang Mai is famous for the temples, the mountains and the street markets. But a trip to this cute city in northern Thailand won’t be complete without a visit to a cat cafe. There are many shops around town, and our favorite one is  The Cat Stop. It’s so nice that we even recommend it as one of the tops things to do in Chiang Ma. For a “puurrrfect” time, grab a mug of cappuccino and stay hours playing with the kittens. They have little furry babies that never get tired of running around or trying to steal your food. What I like in this cat cafe are thie rules they have to protect the cats and how everything is clean. The Cat Stop is a small cafe close by Nimman Road, a trendy neighborhood in Chiang Mai. The staff doesn’t speak much English, but that’s not problem, as long as you buy something to drink or eat you can stay there for hours.



Vienna – Cafe Neko

– by Michelle from American in Vienna

I got to go to Cafe Neko (Neko is ”cat” in Japanese) on a cloudy weekday afternoon.  This place is located in a really beautiful area downtown with cobblestone-streets that looks like you’ve been transported back in time as you walk through it. Cafe Neko also offers reservations, so this is something to keep in mind if you want to bring family or friends here. Just give them a call or shoot them an e-mail about this.

Open daily, this cute cat cafe is a first for Austria and is home for 5 adopted cats from Vienna’s Animal shelter.  Inside the cafe are photos of the cats as well as a play area with built in climbing walls, a birch tree trunk, a scratching post and of course, cat beds.  There is natural sunlight that pours in the room naturally, and when it becomes dark outside, the cafe lights provide soft comfortable lighting.

Vienna Cafe Neko Cat Cafe
To find out more about her visit click here



Minsk – Cat Museum

– by Jordan from Inspired by Maps

A cat cafe where you least suspect it – Tucked into a ex-Soviet apartment block in sub-urban Misnk, Belarus of all places. Technically known as a Cat Museum, the Director of the Museum and all his associate’s are listed as cats…The exact same felines you are able to play with on-site while enjoying a drink and the cat themed art work. Yes, the cat really do rule the roost here! There is nothing normal about this place – even down the [believe it or not] remote controlled cat-bus! And given its location if you visit on a week day you are likely to have it all to yourself and these cats will be begging you for attention!

Minsk Cat Museum Cafe
Find out more about his visit here

Czech Republic

Prague – Kavárna Kočičí

– by Veronika from Travel Geekery

Kavárna Kočičí was the very first cat café in Prague. And they did it right since the beginning! Taking cats from shelters, making sure the café was primarily friendly to the cats and at the same time not compromising on the quality of the coffee and food. They serve one of the best cappuccinos in the area! I enjoy having lunches there, as lunchtime is a quiet time and there are almost no people. They have just quiche and other basic vegetarian options like soups and salads.

Each cat has a name and personal preferences when it comes to petting and playing with guests. You can find a little booklet on every table with the names of the cats, their photos and information on their personalities. These booklets are in Czech only.

The café is located in Prague 8 – Karlín, a hip district that’s been developing quite fast in the recent years. You can stroll around the beautiful Karlín Square that’s right in the vicinity and admire a majestic church.



Paris – Cafe des Chats

– by Danik

The cats here love the visitors. They love the petting and the generous love. Visitors who want to eat here have to reserve a table and pay a good deal to say they have eaten a meal with a bunch of cats. The good thing is that some of the price (or profits however you see it) are donated to the feline protection charity.

My experience here was amazing. From reserving a place on the website, the staff at the Cafe des Chats gave an excellent welcome (and briefing about the cats of course), plus an excellent service. The food however was meow-ful (get it). There is a set menu and at 25€ I decided to choose the brunch classique.

Paris Cafe des Chats Cat Cafe
Find out more about his visit here



Berlin  – Pee Pees Katzencafe

– by Annie from Cat Obsessed

Pee Pee’s Katzencafe is a little bit outside central Berlin – around 30 minutes by public transport or 15 minutes by tax.  It’s a quaint, kitchly decorated cafe with a relaxed atmosphere.  There is no cover charge, however you are expected to order something from their menu of homemade cakes, light savory dishes and drinks.

The two resident cats, Pelle and Caruso, are brothers who were found abandoned in a box on the street as kittens but are now well taken care of by the cafe’s owner.  They were very energetic when I visited, running around and playing together.  They did occasionally slow down to sniff my handbag and I managed to get in a few pets and photos.

Find out more about her visit here



Budapest – Cat Cafe Budapest

– by Lexx from Travel Lexx

Located just metres away from St Stephen’s Basilica and a short walk from Sczechenyi Chain Bridge, Cat Café Budapest is an ideal place to relax after a day of sightseeing in Hungary’s beautiful capital. The café is currently home to 10 cats, all with their own personalities and favourite places to relax and play. While the cats are the main draw, a great selection of coffees and delicious cakes does not disappoint. The relaxing atmosphere will mean that you probably won’t want to leave!

Budapest Cat Cafe


Milan – Cat Cafe Music Club

– by Margherita from The Crowded Planet

This cute little cat café just outside the Chinatown district of Milan doesn’t see nearly as many visitors as Crazy Cat, the other Milan café with furry residents. Cat Cafe Music Club is very small, but I’ve never seen it full, which is a shame as the kitties are really cute. This cat café is not actually a music club – the ‘music’ in the name comes from the fact that the owners are opera singers, and often play classical music. They hail from China and so Asian-inspired desserts and drinks are on offer – think mochi, matcha tiramisu and bubble tea. The entrance charge is only €1 and an espresso costs the same – meaning that you can spend some time cuddling cute kitties for only €2!

Milan – Crazy Cat Cafe

– by Kathryn from Pineapple Street

Kittens and coffee. That’s what you will find at the lovely Crazy Cat Cafe located in the center of Milan. Well, that and wine. And who doesn’t love a cat cafe that serves wine? Yep, you read that right: A coffee shop by day and a bistro/bar by night. Not to mention this place serves a scrumptious brunch on the weekends. Sounds like the perfect destination for cat lovers, right!? And with six feline friends waiting to be your next cuddle buddy, the Crazy Cat Cafe is calling your name! So go ahead, check this place out. It’s time to get your own dose of meow power!

Milan Crazy Cat Cafe


Rome – Romeow Cat Bistro

– by Angela from Rome Actually

The six sweet furry hosts of Romeow cat cafe/bistrot welcome their guests with a short set of rules: “don’t come for cuddles, let us come to you, and don’t feed us, here they take good care of us.”
Romeow’s cats, all coming from a cat shelter in Rome, are now the undisputed stars of this bistrot that has immediately become very popular for two main reasons: it’s the first and only cat cafe in the Italian capital, which makes it unique; their vegan cuisine is exquisite: luscious and strictly made with organic season ingredients, which implies that the menu changes every season.
Romeows Cat Bistrot is located in the hipster Ostiense neighborhood, famous for its street art, and opens every day, except Monday and Tuesday, from 11am to 11pm.
Find out more about her visit here


Riga – Minka Cat Cafe

– by Kiara from Gallop Around the Globe

Hidden away in the Āgenskalns neighbourhood across the river from Riga’s old town, Minka is home to three cats (two boys and a girl) Snag a seat on the sofas on the upper level of this small, cosy café as this is where Cipis, the most playful of the three, loves to reside. Minka is bright and airy, with modern decor and a nice arty touch, and the food here is (almost) as good a reason to visit as the cats.  The coffee is even served with a small cat-shaped biscuit on the side.

Riga Minka Cat Cafe
Find out more about her visit here



Amsterdam – Kropjes

– by Sixtina from Six Miles Away

The cat cafe in Amsterdam is a very small and cozy place. It can only fit around 15 people therefore it is important to have a reservation beforehand, which you can do online. For a little entrance fee of 3 EUR you can enjoy 2 full hours there, get to know the cats, play and cuddle. Feeding, however, is not allowed there. A little piece of advice for you: don“t go around lunch hours as the cats are usually very boring, sleepy and not very active.

Amsterdam Kropjes Cat Cafe
Find out more about her visit here



Krakow – Kocia Kawiarnia Kociarnia

– by Emily from Emily’s Guide to Krakow

The Krakow Cat Cafe sits just outside the touristy part of town, easily reachable by bike or foot if you have some extra time. From cappuccinos with cat shaped designs, to little wooden cats that mark your place and order, this cafe is not only filled with rescued cats, it also donates the proceeds back to local shelters. From small little handmade kitty trinkets, to drinks and desserts, money here is well spent. But be careful- the cats must come to you, the staff will not allow you to pick up kitties or wake them from resting. But don’t worry, on our visit more than one jumped right up on our seat.

Krakow Kocia Kawiarnia Kociarnia Cat Cafe
To find out more about her visit click here



St Petersburg – The Republic of Cats

– by Katie from Kitty to City

St.Petersburg loves cats! From the cats that dwell in the famous Hermitage museum to the cats in the official “Cat Museum” at The Republic of Cats cat cafe. They have a unique bunch of cats from the hairless to munchkins. In order to gain entry to the cats you go into an armoire, knock on the door and say a the password “meow, meow, meow”.

United Kingdom

Edinburgh – Maison de Moggy

– by Skye from Skye Travels

Edinburgh’s first cat café, known as Maison de Moggy, is unique from other cat cafes I’ve seen. Instead of the focus being on the café, Maison de Moggy more concentrates on the interaction with the cats, and your drink is almost an afterthought, and even an optional one. Here, you get 45 minutes with the cats for £7. Also, these are not your usual house cats. Instead, they have some pretty unusual varieties, including two Bengal Siamese cats and a hairless Sphynx. Oh, and just because I said the drink was optional doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one, and come cake too. They happen to serve one of the best hot chocolate drinks in Edinburgh. Just don’t let the Sphynx get to your cake. He’s fast!

Edinburgh Maison de Moggy Cat Cafe
Find out more about his visit here


London – Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

– by Rachel from The Imagination Trail

Lady Dinah’s, in the popular area of Shoreditch, was London’s first cat cafe. It remains hugely popular, so visitors should book their spot in advance online. There is an entry fee of £6, which the emporium specifically states goes towards caring for the cats, and the menu is reasonably priced by London standards, featuring vegan and gluten-free options. Try one of the beautifully presented cat-themed hot drinks! The welfare of the cats is Lady Dinah’s highest priority, and this can be seen during your visit; guests, for example, are asked not to disturb sleeping felines, and they have plenty of space to roam, stretch and snooze. It’s the perfect spot to relax over lunch and enjoy the cat company!

London Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe
Find out more about her visit here



North America


Montreal – Cafe Venosa

– by Justin & Lauren from Justin Plus Lauren

Cafe Venosa is a cat cafe in Montreal, Canada where you can dine in the company of several kitties. This cat cafe has partnerships with local cat shelters, and every cat is up for adoption. You can visit the cats and perhaps even provide one with a forever home.
The cats here are free to roam around the restaurant, and many will greet you warmly. One cat decided to lay across a customer’s table during our visit, and they were happy to have this little guest stay with them.
Not only does the restaurant aim to reduce the cat overpopulation problem by adopting cats from shelters, they also serve food prepared without any animal products. The owners are even mindful of choosing environmentally-friendly cleaning products. I love choosing to support businesses that make kind decisions for animals, people, and the planet.
Cafe Venosa offers a delicious plant-based menu, as well as yummy vegan desserts. I ate a flavorful Caesar wrap and couldn’t resist trying one of the brownies with a coffee for dessert. Definitely check out Cafe Venosa when you travel to Montreal! Warning: you might fall in love with the cats there and want to bring them all home with you.
Find out more about their visit here

Vancouver – Catfe

– by Cynthia Chou

Catfe officially introduced the pet cafe trend to Vancouver in December of last year, and has been a huge hit: reservations are often booked to capacity six weeks in advance, and Adele herself recently graced the kitties with a visit. All cats here are up for adoption as the cafe works in conjunction with Vancouver’s Orphan Kitty Rescue Association, with new fur babies arriving every week as the previous ones get taken to their new homes.

Only sixteen visitors are allowed per one-hour-slot at a $5 admission fee – or $8 if you prefer not to purchase one of their top-notch lattes or a cat-themed snack. Plenty of toys, tunnels and boxes are available, as well as cat books and board games for the humans. The only downside is that many of the kitties tend to be rather shy, as they are almost always new recruits and may not have come out of their shell yet – but there are always the few bold ones that love to play. Tip: show up on a Thursday evening for a quieter, children-free visit and the kitties might be more likely to cuddle.

Vancouver Catfe Cat Cafe


Mexico City – La Gateria

– by Claire from Tales of a Backpacker

La Gatería is a wonderful place!  It has a shop for all your cat-related needs, as well as a café and doubles as an adoption centre for the kitty residents.  There is one cat who lives here permanently (Romeo) and the others stay until they are re-homed and new ones arrive to replace them.  There is no fee to enter here, and no reservations are required – although it does get busy on evenings and weekends!  The cats are obviously well cared for, and there are plenty of toys and climbing areas for the cats, as well as places for them to keep out of reach so they can rest.  Come here for a coffee or a vegetarian meal, stroke your new feline friend and have a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon away from the hectic city!  The menu is reasonably priced, not the cheapest, but of course the extra cash goes to caring for the kitties so I don’t begrudge spending a little more.

Find out more about her visit here



Denver – Denver Cat Company

– by Katie from The World On My Necklace

Denver Cat Company is the first Cat Cafe in Denver and offers assorted beverages and a variety of packaged snacks in an art filled and peaceful environment. But really, it’s all about the kitties! There were eight gorgeous cats, including two kittens, when I visited and they all seemed very calm and happy, with a lot of them lazing around in the afternoon sun that was streaming through the windows. And if you feel particularly taken by any of the gorgeous kitties, they are available for adoption. They also sell cat themed gifts, display and sell local art, and even offer art classes over the weekend. It is only a $5 entrance fee and it’s a relaxing spot to take in some art while giving some love to the feline residents.

Denver Cat Company Cafe


Philadelphia – Kawaii Kitty Cafe

– by JoJo from Expedition Jojo

There is a $10 entrance fee for Kawaii Kitty Cafe that you can pay online when you make a reservation. I highly recommend making a reservation on the weekends. Today, there were 8 lazy kitties with 2 on the way. All the cats are adorable and adoptable. The cafe is in collaboration with PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) to help get these cats adopted. After talking to the staff, the best time to visit is when they open and at night. That’s when the cats are most active.
The decor of the cafe is kawaii (Japanese for cute). There are big food plush to sit on and cute cat toys and snacks around the room to bribe the cats.
The cafe sections has a couple shelves of kawaii cat themed items for purchase or you can purchase some food or drinks. The staff will bring your order into the cat play room when it is ready.
If the playroom is fully booked when you visit, there are big windows you can watch the cats from until your next visit.
Philadelphia Kawaii Kitty Cat Cafe

San Diego – The Cat Cafe

– by Jacob from Local Adventurer

What we love about The Cat Cafe in San Diego is that they partner with San Diego Humane Society, and all the cats are adoptable. So far there have been over 90 adoptions at the cafe and that number continues to climb.

The Cat Cafe serves a full selection of coffee drinks, snacks and other beverages. Whether you’re interested in just playing with the cats while enjoying a cup of drip coffee from west coast coffee roasters, or you’re looking to adopt, this is a great spot to spend the afternoon!

San Diego The Cat Cafe
To find out more about his visit click here





Melbourne – Melbourne Cat Cafe

– by Helena from Through An Aussies Eyes

The Cat Cafe Melbourne is Australia’s first ever Cat Cafe. It costs $10 to enter the Cat Cafe for an hour (this does not include anything off the menu). This entry fee contributes to the health and wellbeing, food and toys for the cats. The cafe has 14 adorable felines that are all from rescue shelters in the area. These cats are so cute and friendly and love to have a cuddle as you sip your coffee!

Melbourne Cat Cafe

Sydney – Catmosphere Space Cat Cafe

– by Raksha from Solo Passport

Catmosphere is a space themed cat café in Surry Hills, Sydney. It is a great place to spend time if you love cats. The café consists of two separate cat rooms – one for the kittens and the other for the big cats. They also have a regular café area, to have a relaxed hot drink with some cat shaped cookies. The café offers some cat participation activities. The visitors can either spend time with the big cats or cuddle the adorable kittens and watch them play around or do some cat yoga which involves 45 minutes of yoga followed by 15 minutes of cat cuddling.

More Than Just Cats

Cat Cafes have become so popular that some cafes are using the idea but opening with other animals, rather than just cats. As you saw in Taiwan there is a cat and dog cafe but one cafe is going for a much more unique animal cafe.


Racoon Cafe

Seoul – The Blind Alley

– by Megan from Bobo and Chichi

Cats aren’t the only furry critters that have cafes dedicated to them! Seoul introduced raccoon cafes to us this past year! Enjoy a cup of coffee in a cozy atmosphere as raccoons climb and run through their playground in the ceiling above your head. If you’re lucky one of the little guys may come down and visit you at your table. Don’t expect to cuddle with these little guys because they are always on the go. You usually can sneak a pet in while they are walking past your table or are laying down. I recommend going on a week day in order to get the best one on one time with raccoons. It’s definitely a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Seoul The Blind Alley Racoon Cafe
To find out more about her visit click here



There you have it, the ultimate list to cat cafes around the world and even a racoon cafe! I hope this post has inspired the cat lovers to visit one of these amazing cafes. Have you been to one already?

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  3. There’s a cat cafe in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. No entrance fee, drinks are nice, cats are cute! Its the only one in the city so it’ll be easy to find.

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  6. Amazed at how many cat cafes there are. Top job here Claire

  7. I love this! Wish I had been to one when you wrote this, the one in Montreal I just went to the cats did tricks! I have a great shot of a cat on a woman’s head!
    I want to head to the raccoon cafe!:)

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