9 of the Weirdest Tours Around the World

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9 of the Weirdest Tours Around the World

When most people want to tour a new location they will usually seek out the city’s free walking tour or a food tour which are fantastic ways to get to know a new area.

It’s no secret that I love to find the weird and quirky during my travels so if there is a more unique tour out there you can bet i’ll want to do it! I asked my fellow travel bloggers what weird tours they recommended and these are the ones they suggested:


1. Quad Bike Wine Tasting Tour

– recommended by Adam from The Wright Route

We love adventure and we love wine, so when we heard the South African tour company, SA Forest Adventures, offer an ATV wine tasting tour we signed up immediately! The tour starts in Hermanus, which is located on the Eastern Cape roughly an hour and a half outside of Cape Town.

After a quick safety induction on the bikes, which are all automatic and super easy to ride, we head out to our first vineyard. A short ten minute ride with only two members of our group either careering off the path or disappearing into bushes and we arrive at the Hamilton Russell Vineyards with minimal casualties. We sample six delicious wines while sat out on the sunny terrace overlooking the picturesque grounds of the vineyard.

Once suitably tippled we head for the lookout point in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve and are rewarded with some incredible views of Hermanus Bay, we even manage to spot a couple of whales. Fittingly, we ride over to the whale-emblazoned farmhouse of the Southern Right Vineyard and sample three more wines with some local honey. Suitably tiddled the group set off back to the starting point, much improved for the alcoholic fortification – nobody fell off or made a fool of themselves.

The tour was great fun and a rather unique way to experience wine tasting. The scenery that we rode through was absolutely stunning and the wines were some of the best we tasted in South Africa. Definitely a thumbs up from us!

Quad Biking Wine Tasting Tour


2. Paris Sewers Museum Tour

– Recommended by Michelle from Cheeky Passports

We’re always looking for quirky things to do in the cities we travel to, so when we were planning our first trip to Paris, the Sewers Museum immediately caught our attention. You get to walk inside part of an actual working sewer…and it stinks!! But if you can deal with that, the tour is actually very interesting and informative. Nikki, being an engineer, was particularly fascinated by the mechanics of the whole network and I was just happy to get a glimpse into a part of the world usually hidden from sight. Interesting to note, is that the Paris sewers actually inspired the musical Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. You might spot the occasional rat running past but don’t let that put you off, they won’t come anywhere near you!

Paris Sewers Tour

3. Muddy Volcano Tour

– Recommended by Lia from Practical Wanderlust

Taking a mud bath in a dormant volcano outside of Cartagena, Colombia sound like an interesting way to spend the day, to say the least. We were game. But when we found ourselves bobbing in slimy, oily mud in a giant anthill with 50 other people, our excitement had begun to wane. By the time we were being aggressively sponge-bathed by abuelas with murky swamp water, we decided that this was maybe not the tour for us. The rest of the tour was much better: we ate fresh fried fish in a tiny fishing town and took a dip in the warm Caribbean sea. But overall, I would recommend this tour only for those who aren’t faint of heart!

Volcano Mud Tour


4. London Loo Tour

– Recommended by The Curious Explorers

London is a great city to walk around and what better way is there than with a tour of London’s Loos! We met our tour guide outside the toilets at Waterloo Station (very fitting location) before heading off to learn the sewer development of the city.

During the tour you get to visit the most patriotic toilet’s, the Jubiloo. A public toilet on London’s Southbank that i’m sure even the Queen herself would use. You’ll also discover London’s clever solution to drunken public urination and learn about the Loo of the Year Awards.

The highlight of the tour for me was the ending. After we had finished walking around we went for cocktails at Cellar Door which is an old public toilet that has been converted to a bar. It was actually this tour that started my obsession for finding converted public toilets!


5. Prague Underground Tour

– Recommended by Sam from As The Sparrow Flies

When visiting a new city, the first thing I love to do is a walking tour, so when I found out about the underground tours in Prague I couldn’t wait to book. Costing 400 CZK it was one of the more expensive tours we took in Prague, but for the fun and sheer novelty factor, it was worth the price.

Starting just after 8pm when it was almost pitch black outside our fully costumed tour guide led us through narrow streets until we arrived at the famous Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square. A soft knock at the big, wooden doors was all it took for just six of us to slip unnoticed into a building which had seemed perfectly normal during the day, but was now very creepy at night. Handing us all a lantern, our guide helped us explore all the underground caverns and corridors of the the building (which used to be a prison) whilst we were regaled with stories of prison life and the people who had been here. As the tour wore on, we were led on a bit of a mad ghost chase, but this only added to the fun!

Whilst you won’t find out everything about Prague’s history on this tour, you will see things you can’t always access and you will learn a lot more about Prague’s underground history – all whilst being creeped out in the dark!

Prague Old Town - start of underground tour


6. Ghost Tour

– Recommended by Raksha from Solopassport

One of the weirdest tours that I have done is the ghost tour at Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. The tour is organised by the tour company Eerie Tours. The tour guide met us at the Ballarat train station and took us through the different places around the city, talking and narrating the haunted stories related to the places we visited. The tour lasted for around 1.5 hours to 2 hours but what made the setting even scarier is that one – it was winters and two – the tour started at night, after 10 PM. The highlight was visiting a haunted backyard area of a flooded bakery and through some secret dark stairs. The experience was enthralling and gripping. I had booked this tour through the Groupon website which had a deal on this tour.

Ghost Tour in Ballarat, Victoria (Australia)


7. Hitler’s Third Reich Tour

– Recommended by Norman from Annes de Pelerinage

One of the quirkiest tours to go on in Munich is probably the Nazi Tour. If you remember your history lessons well, then you’ll know that Hitler started out in Bavaria’s capital long before he rose to power over Germany. There are a couple of agencies offering you to show you the most important historic sites. You will see visit places like the Odeonsplatz, where the first coup failed, but also his old house (now a police station) right in the heart of the city or the famous Hofbräuhaus, where he held his very first public speech. Those Third Reich tours will show you the darker side of Munich and teach you an important lesson: never forget!

Hitler's Third Reich Tour


8. Sunnyside Cemetery Heritage Tour

– Recommended by Lara from Small Town Washington

As a small town traveler, I’m always on the lookout for unusual tours that highlight a destination. I heard about the Sunnyside Cemetery Heritage Tour in Coupeville, Washington through a tourism contact and immediately decided to go. I figured it would be a little macabre and a little historic, and most importantly an interesting way to spend the morning learning more about one of my favorite Washington State towns.

What I didn’t expect was to learn so much about burial practices, gravestone symbolism, and the Rural Cemetery Movement. Did you know that the first rural cemetery ‒ Paris’s Père Lachaise ‒ was built in 1804 and it was so beautiful that it became customary to go out after dinner in your carriage and tour the cemetery? Or that a gravestone with a Masonic symbol, meant the fraternity helped with the funerary costs and supporting the widow and children left behind? I also learned that the caretakers of Sunnyside Cemetery are the sixth generation, spanning from the time it became a public graveyard in 1869 and that one of the gravestones was shipped over from Ireland and one side is written in Gaelic.

This cemetery tour happens twice a year, on Memorial Day and Labor Day at 11 a.m., and each time there is a different tour guide. Cost: $8

Sunnyside Cemetery Heritage Tour


9. Porn Studio Tour

– Recommended by Nathan from Foodie Flashpacker

When I was visiting San Francisco I toured a functioning fetish porn studio. As in, the tour was led by a porn star and they were filming porn during the tour, albeit in closed sets so we couldn’t see. And not just standard porn- festish porn. Things like S&M, robot sex, etc.

The studio is in what used to be a National Guard Armory building that takes up an entire city block. Many rooms felt like dungeons complete with chains hanging from the walls. There were two bright blue fifty gallon drums of lube outside the set- one silicon and one non-silicon. The porn star/tour guide gave us behind the scenes stories about what it’s like to be an actor on set.

It was definitely one of the most interesting tours I’ve ever been on.

Foodie Flashpacker



So there you have it, 9 of the weirdest tours around the world recommended by travel bloggers. Which tour would you like to do? Have you done any weird tours already? Comment below



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9 of the Weirdest Tours Around the World

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  1. These are great, thanks for including us! I definitely laughed at the porn tour in San Francisco. We lived in the Bay Area for years and most of our friends have been on that kink.Com tour 😛

  2. Thanks for including one from Small Town Washington & Beyond. Not sure I’d like the volcano tour as that mud bath has some serious close quarters going on. There are some fun and very weird choices here – porn studio tour? Ones that are catching my are the underground, Hitler and the loo tour are catching my attention. I will keep in mind when I head that way. Thanks for such a great post!

  3. I have actually done Number 7, and it’s really really interesting. Would love to do the Prague one, and the Ghost one too, but you can keep the Paris Sewer one thank you! 😀

  4. All of these sound really interesting though a bit weird. My pick of the lot is the Third Reich tour and the Muddy volcano one. Of course would love to try out all of these. I am sure each comes with its own unique thrill.

  5. Wow! I can’t believe what tours people offer, a porn tour? I’m not sure that one is for me, but I love the mud bath and the quad biking and especially the loo tour…all of which I would sign up for.

  6. This article is just hilarious and I loved it! I am totally into unusual tours!

  7. Some very interesting tours there that I had no idea you could do. A porn studio tour, how would you even find out about something like that!! The loo tour sounds quite interesting and the underground tours, though I think i would give the sewer tour a miss!!

  8. This is a very interesting list. We are headed to Prague this year and the underground tour is on the agenda now, thanks to you. Will look it up and pre-book it, if possible.

  9. Ummm I don’t think I’d like the muddy volcano – those poor tourists look like muddy sardines! I think I’d also give the sewer and the loo tour a miss. I don’t even know what to say about the porn studio. However the Prague Underground and the ghost tour sound like good fun!

  10. haha!!! That post is hilarious! I’m currently living in Colombia so I’ll check out the mud bath!

  11. A sewer tour actually sounds pretty fun! lol

  12. i did a ghost tour in Louisiana and it was great! i think this city in particular has a lot of ghosts to offer 🙂 In prague we also visited the underground tunnels of the City Hall; wasn’t nice being in jail there…

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