Castles to check out whilst in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg maybe a small country squished by Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium to which have many amazing castles but did you know Luxembourg has also got some amazing castles which are steep with history? The best way to check out the castles are to do hikes through the rolling hills of the Ardennes or drive a car through the pretty towns and villages which many castles are located. Here are my top castles to check out in this small but amazing country.

A view from Vianden castle overlooking the nearby town

Vianden Castle

The most famous castle is located into the town of Vianden on the north-east border of Luxembourg and Germany. Located on the west of the River Rhine, its is one of the largest fortified along the riverbanks. With this, there are excellent views overlooking the town and surrounding hills which makes it a great lookout point. Built in the 10th century and in a Romanesque style (with a bit of Gothic design added to it later on in the years whilst a Renaissance mansion was added around the 17th century), the castle was then allowed to fall into disrepair. However the castle has now been restored and makes this one of Luxembourg’s top places to visit. Hint: If driving to this castle, there is free parking on Montee du Chateau, down the hill from the northern side of the castle (not the town side).

Beaufort Castle

On the drive around the central part of the country is the ruins of Beaufort castle which was built in the 11th century and has now fallen into ruins. Not sure on the history about this place but as it is located in the woods, it makes a great photography location and has various hiking routes nearby.

Bourscheid Castle

Located near the village of Bourscheid in north-eastern Luxembourg, this medieval castle stands on top of a hill overlooking the River Sure. The most amazing fact about this castle is that there is historical evidence that the castle was built on structures dating back to the Roman Empire. The castle is enclosed by a circular wall which has eleven watchtowers.

Hollenfels Castle

Located in a beautiful village on the south-western side of the country, the castle has stood here since the 11th century and is located near the River Eisch. The castle is located on a driving route known as the Valley of the Seven Castles where seven castles are located very close to each other. (Others being Mersch, Schoenfels, Ansembourg, New Castle of Ansembourg, Septfontaines and Koerich). There are so many castles in this area, it’s a good idea to check out which ones you want to visit in advance otherwise it may take a week to check them all out. I think I researched that there are many as 130 castles in the country but most of these could be considered large manor houses.

I would certainly make doing trips to these fantastic castles whilst doing a tour of Luxembourg or neighbouring countries as mention earlier. Most of them are free to get into the grounds and some like Vianden Castle have small fees to pay.

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  1. As an Army veteran, I spent a total of 5 years in Germany, and, while I was there, I visited
    many of the castles that grace that country’s landscape. Unfortunately, these castles did not
    make my visit list, as I was not aware of them. I would love to visit Vianden Castle,
    Beaufort Castle and Hollenfels Castle some day!

  2. Oh how I would LOVE to visit castles in Luxembourg! I would love to visit castles anywhere really. This would be one of my dream vacations!

  3. It’s awesome to have this much architecture to look at. My favorite has to be the Vianden Castle… It looks mysterious!

  4. Wow! I have always wanted to travel to Europe. The castles look gorgeous and something on my bucket list for sure. These luxembourg castles are now on my travel bucket list. Your photos are just breathtaking!

  5. A lot of them are right out of storybooks. My kids are at that point where even our local library looks like a castle to them – so this would totally blow their minds!
    I do real estate photography sometimes, so the interior photos were especially cool to me.

  6. I got the chance to check out some of the castles in Germany and surrounding countries several years ago. The sheer size of some of these buildings is astonishing – especially considering they were built so long ago. Lichtenstein Castle is another “fairy tale”-like castle that’s very picturesque as well.

  7. To be honest, any castle that I can go to anywhere would be amazing. If I’m ever there I will have to check these out.

  8. I loved your post! How cool would it be to visit castles?! They’re so stately and mysterious .. I bet if they could talk they would have some pretty incredible stories to tell! Thank-you for sharing them with your readers

  9. Jane & Allan lorge

    My wife and I visited the first two you noted and they are awesome. the Vianden Castle reconstruction is outstanding with each room giving one a real sense of what it was like when the castle was in use hundreds of years ago. We have an enlarged picture of the same view of Vianden as your second picture hanging in our living room as a reminder of our wonderful Luxembourg trip in 2015. Thanks for your very interesting and accurate post.

  10. what a beautiful place can you imagine when it was first built. It seems to hold such magesty within its walls
    come see us at

  11. Wow, these castles look so amazing! I didn’t know Luxembourg was such a charming fairytale like country. Sounds great, thanks for sharing !

  12. These castles are incredible – for such a small area, Luxembourg certainly has some impressive medieval reminders for travelers. The Vianden is my personal favourite, thankfully it was restored – would have been a real shame otherwise. Great post!

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