Taking a Tour of the Amsterdam Arena

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Taking a Tour of the Amsterdam Arena

The Amsterdam Arena, which opened in 1996, is home to the Ajax football club and the Netherlands national team. As well as that the arena also plays host to concerts and music festivals including famous artists such as Bon Jovi, Eminem, Robbie Williams, Metallica and U2 to name a few.

I wouldn’t say this tour is just for the football fans. Everyone can enjoy a tour around this beautiful stadium. It is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Amsterdam.

Taking a tour of the Amsterdam Arena - Netherlands

Taking a tour of the Amsterdam Arena - Netherlands

The tour cost €14.50 if you buy online in advance or you can get the stadium tour and canal cruise combo for €29. As I went in October i just went with the standard tour ticket. They run several tours throughout the week so there is no need to prebook. I just turned up about 15 minutes beforehand and bought a ticket at the door. If you buy on the door the tickets will cost €16 though!

Taking a tour of the Amsterdam Arena - Netherlands

As the tour started our guide gathered us all together to explain that the tour would be in both Dutch and English, although by the end he realised for our group he could just speak English so the Dutch was dropped. After the introduction we were then taken to a room to watch a brief video to show the history of the Amsterdam Arena. The video was well made and really got me excited for the tour we were about to take.

Taking a tour of the Amsterdam Arena - Netherlands

Taking a tour of the Amsterdam Arena - Netherlands

During the tour we were able to walk in areas most fans don’t get to see when coming to see the teams play here. We saw the trophies and pictures hanging so proudly. We were taken to see the Ajax “Club Van 100″ which is where they proudly place a photo of all players who have played over 100 games for Ajax. We also got to see where the press would sit during games before being able to go to the seats to enjoy the view.

Taking a tour of the Amsterdam Arena - Netherlands

After that we were taken to the press room and given the opportunity to sit and take some pictures. It’s fun to pretend to be a coach or player while posing for pictures. There was also a chance to take an official Amsterdam Arena picture which later gets uploaded to their Facebook page so you can get a copy for free.

Taking a tour of the Amsterdam Arena - Netherlands

I must say I was really impressed with this tour. The only downside was that we didn’t get to go inside the locker room as there was a match that evening so this was closed off for our tour. If you are thinking of going make sure you check out the schedule beforehand!

Taking a tour of the Amsterdam Arena - Netherlands
My official Amsterdam Arena photo


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Taking a Tour of the Amsterdam Arena

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  1. Looks like a beautiful arena Claire. I remember some Dutch superstars playing for Ajax over the years, and some football studs from other nations too. Ajax is usually a big time player in their league. As evidenced by this awesomely cool stadium.

  2. I know nothing about the sport, but Amsterdam has long been on my list of places I want to go!

  3. It’s a lot of fun visiting sports arenas when travelling, isn’t it? I’ve not been to the Amsterdam arena, but it looks like a great facility. Thx for the tour!

  4. Man wish I had know about this while I was in Amsterdam. Just one other thing to look forward to if I ever go back. Also adding go to an soccer game while I’m there too

  5. Not particularly a sports fan in general, but the arena is pretty nice!

  6. I’ve been to Amsterdam and haven’t heard about the stadium. To be fair, I am not a follower of the sport. But it seems like an interesting experience!

  7. Being a huge football fan myself and having a separate bucket list of footballs stadiums I want to see around around the world the Amsterdam arena has so far eluded me. I’ve been Amsterdam a couple of time but got ‘distracted’ by other things the city has to offer haaha. However reading through this post, I will need to book a trip soon. Can imagine the incredible atmosphere for a Ajax vs Feynoord match 😀

  8. Cool! I love checking out local sports teams and sports when I travel but have never done a tour when there is no game on. Good idea!

  9. hmm…i would never consider a tour in a sports arena to be on my list while being in a new city. However, it seems arenas hold a lot of interesting history about the city. pretty cool post

  10. Globejamun

    Sports is not my cuppa tea … but when I do visit Amsterdam my
    Hubby who’s a sports fanatic, will fr sure take me here 🙂

  11. That is such a cool tour. Never thought about touring the arena in Amsterdam, but do things like that all the time in the US. Great suggestion.

  12. Hahah this is amazing! I never saw any blog post before ever on the Amsterdam Arena! Absolutely love it! We are originally from the Netherlands ( living in Australia for a while now ) and visited the Arena many times for games as I was an Ajax fan when I was younger and my hubby still is an Ajax fan! Really unique and great article!

  13. We’ve loved the city but I must admit that me and hubby aren’t huge football fans aside from the occasional world cups, so we haven’t been there! Looks pretty big tho!

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