Pre-flight stay at the Scandic Oslo Airport

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Scandic Oslo Airport hotel is the perfect way to have full relaxation before a flight the following morning. Ideally located about a five minute bus journey to the passenger terminal at Oslo Gardermoen International Airport, we took the opportunity to stay here before our flight to another part of Norway the following morning, after flying from London Gatwick. We must say, this was the most relaxing night we had on our January trip to Norway.

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport
Arriving at the airport on a cold January afternoon

After leaving the terminal building, we took the bus which takes passengers to all the hotels in the local area. It was cold, it was snowing, so we were very happy to walk through the main entrance of the hotel after disembarking from the bus to staff members at the reception (and the bar next to it) giving us a warm welcome. The receptionist  made the check in as smooth and swift as possible but adding the fantastic customer service experience sparkle at the same time.

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

On our visit we took the option of having a Superior Extra room and during our stay in January 2018, we were the first ones to stay in the room after a recent refurbishment. Entering the room, the most eye catching item in the room has to be the double bed with its many pillows and comfortable mattresses to sleep on. Note the the blankets were neither too heavy or too light which was an added bonus (we feel this is a quality which is needed in hotels for the perfect night sleep). The rooms are soundproof and this is another important reason to have a stay here (especially being near the airport’s runway).

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

The detail of attention for visitors needs is fantastic, from the WIFI (which has a very strong signal in the rooms), to the kettle, hair dryer, the amount of wall sockets dotted around the room, the television offering a variety of international channels to services such as dry cleaning, the hotel has thought of everything.

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

Even the washroom is spacious with a shower that has a powerful pressure to soak the stress away. Other items to note about the room is that it has air conditioning, bathrobes, blackout curtains, chair and desk to do that all important paperwork, kettle with coffee. We also used the hairdryer in the washroom as well as the shower gels, shampoo and other products provided by the hotel which uses the ‘FACE’ range.  

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

Whilst being Superior Extra guests at the hotel, we were given a voucher worth NOK 50 (£4.56) which to be honest, when buying a pint of beer, this will ensure we got 50% of the full price. So we just had to use it. As soon as we checked in (and whilst it was a little bit early for dinner as we arrived just after lunchtime), we checked out the bar whilst we worked with our laptops (to which the bar area has excellent WIFI. All the furniture was very modern but we loved sitting next to the fire whilst looking at other guests walking in from the cold, snow on their heads (or hats).

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport
One of the drinks we had in the bar whilst relaxing besides the fire

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

It was time for dinner (which isn’t included the price of the hotel room) and the quality of food here is fantastic and very tasty. I opted to try out the lamb shank with mashed potato and root vegetables which was was cooked perfectly. Claire had the Scandic vegetarian burger and was very impressed there was the option of adding vegan cheese. After dinner we walked away very happy (and full). Oh did we mention we also had deserts? They have to be tried as well.

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

For the price we got a lot and managed to take it all in. The next morning we were back in the restaurant for breakfast where we had hot breakfast which had eggs, sausages, bacon and the other usual suspects for this type of meal as well as cereal, European Continental style breakfast with the usual pastries, yogurts, fruit and bread rolls. Whilst there is food on offer on the tables, there is also a chef on hand to cook up anything fresh and hot such as omelettes.

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

Claire, who has dramatically reduced meat and dairy from her diet, was very happy with the options at breakfast. The Scandic Hotel really do cater for everyone, including vegetarians and even vegans. They had both dairy and plant based butter, lots of fresh fruit and even a smoothie bar.

Hotel Review: Scandic Oslo Airport

Our personal opinion of the Scandic Hotel Oslo Airport is that we would highly recommend it for an overnight stay before a morning flight and then there is no need for the rush-rush of getting to the airport. Instead we felt very refreshed and ready for the journey to the top of Norway. For us it was also the comfort of the room and we got a good rest. We were happy to pay the extra for the service, the location and overall saved us a lot of time the next morning (and of course the expensive of taking a taxi ride or taking the fast train from central Oslo in the middle of the night which probably would have led us to paying the same amount of the hotel room).

You can find out more about the hotel via their website or book at If anyone staying here or doing a layover in Oslo, then check out the best sights to see in the Norwegian capital here.


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Our time at the Scandic Hotel Oslo Airport was paid for by ourselves and was not sponsored in any way by the company. The opinions in this post are our own.

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  1. Wow. That place looks awesome! It’s always really helpful to have a good, reliable hotel recommendation. Also, as I sit here on the couch having just awakened, their breakfast buffet looks to die for!

  2. Wow, I never really thought about an airport hotel in that way but it sounds like it was fantastic stay. I love the food options, not being able to have dairy I always find it difficult to find things to eat at hotels.

  3. I stayed in an airport hotel the night before flying home from Paris, and it was the best decision we made. It totally takes the stress out of worrying about getting to the airport in time for an early morning flight!

  4. We agree that sometimes it can feel like pure luxury to stay in an airport hotel. The Scandic Oslo Airport looks like it was the right choice. So much better to be rested and not rushed for your flight the next day. I was happy to hear about the sound proofing. Especially if this is a busy airport. It seems that the food selection was great.

  5. Your room sounds awesome. I like that it was soundproof, I wish all hotel rooms were soundproof. It’s great they had good WiFi and were close to the airport. Two things that are rare, especially together.

  6. I’d definitely agree on staying at hotels near the airport – it’s pretty convenient and can save you up a lot of hassle. I also love that the wifi is fast (perfect for us who works everywhere. LOL) and that the room is sound proof (very convenient for light sleepers like me) as I know the location can be very busy at times. Overall, good value for money and sounds like an excellent accommodation! 🙂

  7. Looks like a cozy hotel. The free shuttle from the airport is a plus. The beds in the Netherlands always trip me out – with the twin covers vs a large king. 🙂 The meal portions look generous.

  8. I’m a big fan of spending money wisely = in comfort. Having a good night sleep at a nice hotel like this – with all the great food and the homey fireplace – is the perfect start, I guess.

  9. Nice hotel! I haven’t seen an airport hotel like this (unless I was spending a fortune) Rooms cozy, great food, fireplace – great way to build up some energy before your travels. Nice to see alot of vegan options – accomodating everyone.

  10. The Scandic hotel at Oslo airport looks really nice. I liked how it is close to the airport and their rooms are soundproof. Rooms look comfortable and well maintained. Good vegetarian options of food make it another plus for us.

  11. The Scandic Oslo Airport looks really very comfortable and cozy. Always love a hotel near the airport, especially after a long haul flight and you are looking for a comfortable sleep. Also if you are flying out, it is so much more easy to be just next to the airport so that you do not waste time in commuting and can get that extra hour of sleep.

  12. This hotel’s location is a come on in itself. I also stay in hotels near the airport,especially prior to a very early flight the next day. However, I sometimes make the wrong decision of choosing the cheapest option thinking that it’ll just be for one night, just to end up feeling tired due to lack of sleep even before I head to the airport. Reading reviews like this affirms that comfort is priceless. 🙂

  13. Great post! I’ve stayed at the Scandic Vulkan and really enjoyed it. The decor looks the same at the Scandic Airport Hotel. We didn’t have dinner when we were there, but I thought the breakfast was amazing!

  14. A nice place near Airport with soundproof rooms. Its good to find relaxing place just before a flight. I did this once at Kuala Lumpur airport and it really rejuvenated me. Being an Airport hotel, it has a wide range of food option. A nice bookmark worthy recommendation.

  15. I looked with envy at that pristine plump bed, and can entirely see why you had such a great night’s sleep. They absolutely do seem to have thought of everything, and particularly that you will want to have great wifi both in your room and in any place you might want to work. As someone who can’t eat milk products, it was great to see the options for allergen-friendly dining too.

  16. Food and Footprints

    Looks like a good choice. That lamb shank looks tasty! Nice not to have to go far to catch your flight the next day – we did that at Singapore airport when we had an early departure.

  17. I think airport hotels are a fantastic idea and can save a hell of a lot of time if you’re only in a city for the weekend. The Oslo one looks wonderful, particularly the fireplace, dinner and breakfast. Will check it out when I’m over there.

  18. That’s one classy hotel! I can understand how it was relaxing. Very handy that it’s only 5 minutes away from the airport by bus. The dessert looks delicious. I always have to have dessert when I eat out ?

  19. robin rue

    That sounds like a great place to stay. I live about 30 minutes in between two major airports, so I have never needed a room before my flight before.

  20. This hotel looks like a great place to relax and unwind before heading off again. I love the idea of not having to rush to the airport the morning of the flight.

  21. Whenever we travel somewhere and we need to stay overnight at a hotel I am always looking for something like this. It brings relaxing atmosphere before you have to get on another plane. This place looks great but if I ever get over that way I will definitely check out this place.

  22. Beautiful place to stay and talk about convient when traveling. Looks like comfortable accommodation and good food as well

  23. This does look like an amazing place to stay! I know I’d be able to relax here. Plus, the food looks delicious!

  24. It looks like you guys had an amazing stay. Love the hotel! The food looks delicious and the room looks so comfortable.

  25. What a nice hotel! Sounds like an amazing trip. It’s nice to find a good place to stay so that you can recharge.

  26. Wait? This place is beautiful. What a nice way to spend time before your flight.

  27. It’s definitely a nice place to stay! I love how the room looks and it’s really spacious as well. It’s perfect even when you’re staying there for a couple of days.

  28. That bathroom does look nice! I always appreciate a relaxing hotel that is well kept.

  29. What a gorgeous hotel and the food looks so delicious! You can definitely relax and enjoy your stay with this view and ambiance.

  30. That washroom is absolutely stunning! Seriously – I would love to have one for my own home. This place looks so modern and chic!

  31. Wow, I’ve never heard of a hotel and airport in one. It makes so much sense. I like the modern vibe and any place that feeds me is a friend of mine!

  32. This is a really great idea. I usually stress myself out totally doing last minute things the night/ morning before a major trip. I love that you booked something and had to finish everything before leaving to fly. I seriously think I’ll do this next time I fly. Thank you.

  33. I can imagine the cold especially since it’s January. I think it’s a nice hotel and the room will definitely provide some much needed comfort for the night!

  34. Debra Hawkins

    This looks like an incredible place to visit! A good hotel is always so important when I am out traveling!

  35. Lisa Marie Heath

    Wow I’m really loving the warm, inviting look there! Looks incredibly welcoming to escape the cold

  36. Indeed a nice place to stay especially when you have really an early morning flight and this is perfect so as not to rush in the airport. I will take note of this when I head over this place.

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