Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

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Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

When people think about Poland the main places that come to mind are Warsaw and Krakow, nowhere else really gets considered by us non Polish. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d like to visit them both but for my first trip to Poland I wanted to see more of the country. After a couple of days in Warsaw, I couldn’t miss it out completely!, I made my way to Lublin.

Lublin is the largest city in south-eastern Poland but it’s not one that receives a huge amount of tourists. While you may not need too many days to enjoy Lublin it should definitely be a place you should consider visiting especially if you’ll be in nearby Warsaw. It’s a beautiful place that’s rich in history.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

 Getting to and traveling around Lublin


By Airport

Lublin has it’s own airport so you can fly direct there, or you can do what I did and fly into Warsaw and then fly out of Lublin. With only four flights a day it is the smallest airport i’ve ever flown from but with a train station at the airport and only being 15 minutes to get to by car/taxi it’s an easy airport to get to.

By Train

Lublin is also well connected by its main train station Stacja Lublin and with PKP network there are easy connections to Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and many more places. As well as this there are also connections to many smaller towns with Przewozy Regionalne.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

By Bus

There is a good bus service available in Lublin with a main bus terminal located just north of the Old Town next to Lublin Castle. Here you can get local connections to other parts of Lublin and even international connections to nearby Ukraine and even connections to Belgium and Italy.

By Foot

The best thing about Lublin is that everything you want to see there is in walking distance so you can have a nice walk around and really appreciate the town. If you do find yourself needing a taxi the prices are very reasonable!

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

What to do in Lublin

Lublin Castle

Lublin Castle (Zamek Lubelski) just north of the Old Town is one not to miss when visiting Lublin. Dating from the 12th Century, the castle is one of the oldest preserved Royal residencies in Poland. It was where the Polish monarchy would stay when visiting Lublin in the medieval time, then during WWI it was used as a detention centre and witnessed the deaths of hundred of prisoners. Now the castle is part of the Lublin Provincial Museum and includes the Polish National Gallery and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

The Keep

Inside the castle is the Keep which you do need to pay for to enter but it is well worth it to get some fantastic panoramic views of the city. There are stairs to climb which aren’t too challenging but the views are breathtaking so you’ll be happy once you have reached the top.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

 Chapel of the Holy Trinity

The chapel was built within the castle to serve as a royal chapel. This is also something you need to pay for but believe me when I say it is well worth it. I wasn’t expecting much before I entered but I was completely blown away by what I saw. The chapel is covered in beautiful medieval paintings that are just amazing. I’ve never seen anything like these! It’s hard to believe someone painted over them! Thankfully there were rediscovered in 1897 and have been restored over a hundred year period.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

 Cracow Gate

The Cracow Gate is the only surviving part of the fortified wall that once surrounded the Old Town. It was built during the reign of King Casimir after a Tatar attack in 1341 and now serves at the Lublin History Museum.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

Old Town

The Old Town is something you must check out when in Lublin. It’s a beautiful little district that is full of history. The Old Town has plenty of restaurants and pubs so it’s the perfect place to spend your evening but you really will want to see it during the day too.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

Underground Trail

The Underground Trail is a complex of 16th and 17th Century cellars that run beneath the Old Town. The route was created by merging the cellars which were once used by traders as storage. During the tour you are guided into different chambers showing the history of Lublin. While the tour is in Polish they do offer scripts in different languages that you can follow throughout the tour.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

Cathedral of St John the Baptist

Located just outside the Old Town, this former Jesuit church dates back to the 16th Century and is the largest church in Lublin. The inside is stunning but you can’t enter when a service is in process.

Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland


Day trips out of Lublin

With the excellent connections there are many places you can take day trips to while staying in Lublin. Warsaw is only 2 and a half hours away although I would recommend having more than a day to enjoy Warsaw. I highly recommend taking a trip to the town of Zamosc (only 2 hours away by train), a UNESCO listed town (find out more by clicking here) which is known for its stunning market square or you could visit Chelm (1 and a half hours away by train) which is a historic town known for its Jewish heritage.

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Why You Should Visit Lublin, Poland

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  1. This looks lovely and happy days, I think I can even fly there direct from Doncaster Sheffield airport. Thanks for sharing and giving me another potential weekend destination

  2. Great information! My family being Polish, I’ve always had an eye on visiting one day, but I have no idea where we would go specifically. 😀 Thanks for putting this option on the table for me!

  3. Would you suggest a day trip to Lublin from Warsaw, is that enough?

  4. I have never heard of this place but it looks so beautiful. There looks to be so much to do. I would love to visit the castle. I really want to visit more of Poland 🙂

  5. Lublin looks to have a very unique castle. I have not seen a castle like that in Europe before. I love the colors on the buildings! Lovely tips for getting there and finding things to do.

  6. I love the sound of the underground trail – that’s right up my street! I have been to Poland, though like you I visited a lesser known place in the country: Mikowajki ? X

    • Oh, believe me – Mikołajki is a well know town among sailing community in Poland 🙂

  7. Halley Wright

    This town is so cute!! I haven’t heard of Lublin, but it seems like there is so much to do!! I love cities that have Old Town, there’s always so much history.

  8. At last somebody has written about me hometown ? Thank you!
    There are more places to visit in Lublin. Skansen – open air museum of the Polish village.
    Beautiful botanical garden and many more.
    Museum of Majdanek – Nazi concentration camp from WWII.
    Also worth to see a monument of the Union of Lublin commemorating
    a real union that resulted in creation of the semi-federal, semi-confederal Republic of the Two Nations (Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth) in 1569.
    And so on…
    Hope you enjoy your future trip to Lublin ?

  9. You should visit Kazimierz Dolny! Not far away.

  10. Lublin is indeed a revelation. Gives a totally fresh perspective of Poland beyond Warsaw and Krakow. I am really impressed by the picture of the castle, it looks so immaculate. The interiors of the Trinity Chapel look extremely exquisite.

  11. Wow only 4 flights a day. Must be a tiny airport. The city does seem to have some old world charm. I know I would enjoy the castle with the view for sure. The underground trail sounds interesting as well.

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