An Evening of BrewDog Beer Tasting

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An evening of beer tasting at BrewDog Soho in London

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll know that The Curious Explorers are complete beer lovers. We enjoy discovering the different beers each country we visit has to offer. Plus we’ve been known to bring home a crate or two from our travels!

As much as I love exploring beers from other countries, there are also many delicious beers from home for me to enjoy. One brand I have become particularly fond of over the last few years is BrewDog so when a friend messaged me about going to a BrewDog beer tasting evening I couldn’t say no.

Who Are BrewDog?

BrewDog are a Scottish based company started by two guys and their dog. Bored of the industrially brewed beers and stuffy craft beers that were dominating the UK beer market they started BrewDog in April 2007. Their mission was simply to encourage other people to become as passionate about craft beer as them. By 2008 they were Scotland’s largest independent brewery and by 2009 they had become the UK’s fastest growing alternative beer brand. Today they have bars all across the UK as well as in Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Germany and even Japan.

The BrewDog Beer Tasting

We arrived at BrewDog Soho slightly early so headed straight to the bar. Once we said we were here for the beer tasting the lovely lady behind the bar pointed out where our class would be and offered us a drink that wouldn’t be on tonight’s menu; Dead Pony Club.

The BrewDog beer tasting sessions are kept small and intimate. Our session was scheduled to be us and another couple but the other couple didn’t turn up so we ended up getting a private beer tasting. The sessions are about an hour and a half long where a BrewDog expert explains the BrewDog story, the brewing process and the ingredients used while we sample five of the BrewDog beers. These beers were:

An evening of beer tasting at BrewDog Soho in London

1. Punk IPA – Abv 5.6%
There was no better start to the BrewDog beer tasting than the beer that began the beer revolution. This Indian Pale Ale was the drink that made BrewDog stand out from the crowds. Layered with new world hops to create an explosion of tropical fruit with a spiky bitter finish it has always been one of my favourite BrewDog beers to have.

2. Kingpin – Abv 4.7%
Kingpin was BrewDog reinvention of a larger to bring a taste sensation for the 21st Century. With your first sip you can expect a wave of robust, full-bodied malt character to hit before the spicy citrus notes hit you. The Kingpin experience ends with a bitter finish that makes you want to go back for more.

3. 5am Saint – Abv 5%
This bitter sweet chaos is another one of my BrewDog favourites. 5am Saint is a mixture of 5 malts with hints of berry and caramel riding alongside marmalade and chocolate. With all these different flavours dancing on your tastebuds in no wonder this is one of BrewDog’s headliner beers.

4. Jet Black Heart – Abv 4.7%
As i’m not a huge lover of stout this is a drink I never would have ordered at the bar myself. This is why beer tastings are a great way for you to explore new drinks as this turned out to be my favourite beer of the tasting! This sable stout is black as night but smooth as hell. Jet Black Heart is a milky stout with roast malt flavours of coffee and chocolate. Flaked oats and wheat add to the velvet smooth finish. All I could think about while drinking this was how great it would go with a nice tiramisu!

5. Elvis Juice – Abv 6.5%
What I loved about the BrewDog beer tasting is that we got to select the final beer. After talking with the experts about what our beer tastes were they made a few suggestions of what we might like. I decided to try Elvis Juice. This American IPA has a bitter edge that will push your citrus tolerance to the brink and back.

After tasting our five beers it was time to sit back and enjoy some meat and cheese boards. Because the other couple never showed up for the tasting it meant me and my friend got to enjoy twice as much food. Perfect for two foodies and the perfect ending for such a fantastic evening.

The Verdict

As you have probably realised by this point I loved my evening of BrewDog beer tasting. The BrewDog staff were fantastic. They really knew what they were talking about and you could hear the passion when they spoke. I learnt a lot of the beer making process but also what a great company BrewDog are. They are training people who love beer to have a greater knowledge of the beer making process and that can only lead to better beers being made.

Thank you girls for a lovely evening!


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An evening of beer tasting at BrewDog Soho in London

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  1. Oh, it’s easy to see you’ve had fun. I mean, of course you have, you love your beer. 😉 This one sounds interesting, didn’t have a chance to try it though. But will do! 🙂

  2. Though I dont drink beer the experience does sound like fun and enjoyable! Great way to enjoy an evening with a friend too!
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  3. I’m a big fan of Stouts so like the sound of Jet Black Heart🖤. However, since its summer, is love to try the 5AM Saint, which sounds quite refreshing. The cheese and meat plate looks also delicious! Will have to keep BrewDog in mind next time we’re in London.

  4. How fun! There’s nothing like a private beer tasting. I love their logo.

  5. Hubby would absolutely love BrewDog and we’d both love to participate to a beer tasting night, especially with the cheese platter, yum!
    Travelling Dany recently posted…10 free things to do in Miami

  6. Beer tasting is such a cool experience! I recently did the same in Copenhagen for Carlsberg and it’s really interesting, X

  7. Beer School — I love it! This sounds fun, bookmarking for my next UK visit
    sherianne recently posted…Jungfraujoch Top of Europe: A Day in the Swiss Alps

  8. Love international beers, I gotta try these. Thanks

  9. Well I now know what I’ll be doing the next time I’m in Soho, This post had me reaching for my beer as I read this 😀

  10. What a lot of fun! I love how they call it Beer School on the reservation
    Adelina recently posted…Craftsmanship and Artistry at the Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall

  11. Love this! Not a fan of beer so a vodka tasting would be up my alley 😉

  12. I think you two need to bring your curiosity to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have tons of breweries here! You could spend a solid few days going on tours 😉
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  13. I wanted to grab a bottle of beer while reading this! I’ll definitely try Brewdog when I visit UK!!!

  14. When I see posts about beer tasting I really wish I liked beer haha! However, my husband would love this so I’d definitely try it out. I like that the tours are small and private. Definitely a plus.

  15. What a fun experience. I’m not much of a beer drinker but I’d still do this, especially if there’s a cheeseboard at the end ha ha! Lucky no one else turned up! I probably would choose a pale ale.

  16. I’m a massive beer fan too and we make it our absolute mission to drink it constantly as we travel (er….and when we don’t). Fantastic name, fantastic looking place and somewhere I will definitely add to my list. If only I knew about it when I was there a few weeks back. I have such a growing love of strong hoppy beer….my beer palette has changed so much over the years. Would love these beers.

  17. My boyfriend and I would definitely enjoy this place! Fun experience

  18. I keep trying to like beer but failing miserably – perhaps I need a personal tasting to show me the error of my ways! I’ve heard a lot about BrewDog, it is growing in popularity all over the world!
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  19. I too am a beer addict and this was such a wonderful read. Informative and inspiring to go open a bottle now 😛
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  20. Looks like a fun evening you had! I love beer tasting, especially when its with friends and you can go crazy on some of the coollest beers with crazier names.

  21. Oooo, a beer tasting! How fun. Love the meat and cheese board. Fab experience, thanks for sharing 🙂
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