Cheap Afternoon Teas in London for Under £30

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Cheap afternoon teas in London for under £30

Afternoon teas in London have exploded in popularity in recent years with many tourists and locals looking to find the best afternoon tea in London. The city offers a wide variety of afternoon teas from Disney themed afternoon teas to afternoon tea on a London bus. With so many afternoon teas available it’s easy to find cheap afternoon teas in London that won’t break the bank. Here are our suggestions…

The Fan Museum

Price: £9 + Entry Fee (£5)

The best value for money afternoon tea in London has to be at The Fan Museum in Greenwich. For a fraction of the cost of most hotel afternoon teas you’ll enjoy a refreshing pot of tea with delicious scones, carrot cake and your choice of lemon drizzle or salted caramel brownie.

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The Wallace Restaurant Afternoon Tea

Price: £18.75 or £26 with a glass of fizz

Located at the beautiful Wallace Collection Gallery not too far from Hyde Park, this is the perfect afternoon tea for art lovers. With homemade finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones and an assortment of Peyton and Byrne mini cakes and pastries you’ll be in for a treat.

Bea’s Signature Afternoon Tea

Price: £28 or £36 with champagne

One of the more expensive afternoon teas in our list but one you won’t regret spending a little extra on is found at Bea’s of Bloomsbury and can be enjoyed at either the Bloomsbury, St Paul or Marylebone location. They offer not only the standard afternoon tea but also vegetarian and wheat free options.

Gallery Mess Afternoon Tea

Price: £22 or £29.50 with champagne

Gallery Mess, located at the Saatchi Gallery is popular for dining due to its beautiful setting and charming atmosphere. They even offer a mini afternoon tea that’s perfect for children for only £7.50

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Chateau de Villandry Afternoon Tea

Price: £25

Grand Cafe Villandry offers afternoon tea at both the St James and Great Portland locations which include an array of mini sandwiches, toasted scones and a beautifully delicate cake platter freshly made from their bakery. They also have gluten free and vegan options available.

Afternoon Tea with The German

Price: £18.50 or £23 with a glass of sparkling wine

Not a place I would have expected to see an afternoon tea is The German Gymnasium located near King’s Cross St Pancras. It’s an English afternoon tea with a German twist so great for those looking for something slightly different. They also have a gluten free and vegetarian version available.

Roast Afternoon Tea

Price: £16 or £25 with a glass of sparkling wine

Can you ask for a more London setting for an afternoon tea than overlooking the hustle and bustle of Borough Market? With vegetarian and gluten free options and even a kids menu for only £10, they have an afternoon tea for everyone.

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There you have it, several cheap afternoon teas in London you can do that won’t destroy your budget. Have you done any of them before? Let us know in the comments

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Looking for an afternoon tea in London that won't break your budget? Here are several you can do for under £30

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  1. The Fan Museum price sounds awesome Claire. Under 10 bills for a tea and under 5 for admission is fantastic. Especially with the range of snacks availed with said tea.

  2. What a great selection! I have always wanted to try afternoon tea in London so it’s good to know there are cheap options available. Great list!

  3. Such a pretty collection of Afternoon Tea sets! I’d like to add Arthur’s at high-end departmental store Liberty just off Oxford and Regent Street. It’s where locals hang out, even celebrities like Helena Bonham Carter.

  4. I cannot wait for a return trip to London with this pro guide under my belt to lead me to all this amazingness – thank you so much for posting!

  5. While I’m not a huge fan of tea, I do love going to have the little finger sandwiches and cookies. Those electric blue macarons at Grand Cafe Villandry are enticing. I would definitely love to check this place out!

  6. What a great selection of affordable afternoon teas. I do think that some places overcharge now as it’s such a quintessential thing to do in London. I used to live in Greenwich and did not now the Fan Museum did such a cute and rustic afternoon tea… I will definitely check that out next time I’m in London. For me an afternoon tea has to have scones with jam and cream!

  7. What a great list! I am a sucker for a good high tea but always find that they are so overpriced and even worse mass produced. Can’t believe the afternoon tea at the Fan Museum! That is so cheap! Next time I’m in London I’m so going to check these places out:)

  8. Yum yum yum! I love afternoon tea and London does it really well. I can’t believe the fan museum is only £9! That’s a real bargain. Will check out a few more of these places, I’m quite hungry now!

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