A Cosy Stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed and Breakfast

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A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - CanadaUsually when we travel we either stay in hotels or book self catered accommodations. One thing we have never done is stay at a Bed & Breakfast. That was, until our recent road trip around Newfoundland in Canada.

We always enjoy meeting locals while we travel. It’s a great to learn about the area and the locals always have the best stories. The locals of Newfoundland quickly became our one our favourite from all our travels. This is why we wanted to stay in b&b’s during our week road trip around Newfoundland.

A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

About Fair Haven Retreat

One of our stops saw us heading to the outport town of La Scie where we stayed at the charming Fair Haven Retreat. The bed and breakfast is run by Celeste and her dog Zoe, both of whom are very welcoming.

A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

Celeste was a great host who really looked after us during our stay. We arrived later than planned and worried that the restaurants may close before we got there she quickly phoned one of them and made sure we’d be able to eat. 

Delicious mac & cheese meal from Valerie's Tea Room in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

Zoe is a medium sized mixed breed who loves to welcome new arrivals. I love dogs so was very happy to be greeted by her. Although I must admit I was quite jealous that she seemed to take more of a liking to Danik.

A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

The Room at Fair Haven Retreat

Fair Haven retreat has three rooms available. We stayed in the Garden View Room which has a queen bed and a 4 piece ensuite. As soon as I walked through the door I fell in love with the place. The room was decorated in such a homely way that you instantly feel comfortable and at home there.

A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

The ensuite was fully equipped with everything you should need. We were provided with the basics you would expect to find such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and a hair dryer. We also had a few little extras you don’t always get such as cotton buds, cotton pads and even make up remover.

A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

The other two rooms available at Fair Haven Retreat are Ocean View Room with a twin bed and Harbour View Room with a queen bed. Both of these room have a shared bathroom. Each of the rooms are all decorated beautifully and all have that cosy charm to them.

A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

Breakfast at Fair Haven Retreat

Celeste has breakfast menus printed out for guests to select what they would like to have and at what time. We simply ticked our chosen meal and wrote a time we would like to have it. Then all we had to do was leave it downstairs for Celeste and when we woke up the next morning our breakfast was ready for the time we requested. Perfect!

A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

Breakfast is served in the dining room and guests have the choice of a continental breakfast, an egg dish, french toast, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal or a protein smoothie that can be made with water to make it suitable for vegans. As tempted as I was for the healthy smoothie, I just couldn’t resist ordering pancakes and they were delicious!

A cosy stay at Fair Haven Retreat Bed & Breakfast in La Scie, Newfoundland - Canada

How to Book at Fair Haven Retreat

If you haven’t booked in advance you’re always welcome to knock on the door and see if a room is available but it’s best to plan in advance and prebook a room. You can call in advance (contact details here) or book online

You can check their availability with our handy widget:


As you can see we loved our stay at Fair Haven Retreat. Do you like bed & breakfasts? 

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Please note that while we were working with Fair Haven Retreat, the reviews and experiences written about in this post are 100% genuine. We value our readers too much to lie to you. Our blog would be nothing without you and your continued support!

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  1. The Fair Haven looks super cosy with lovely owners to help make your stay a comfortable one. Will check this out if I head over to Canada!

  2. The best guesthouses are always the one’s with pets 🙂 Zoe looks adorable.

  3. This sounds like a great place and so well organised – you don’t always get that with B&B options! Such a nice set up too. Would love to visit Newfoundland!

  4. Awwwwwww, that cute pup! What a charming place, and the breakfast looks scrumptious!

  5. Your retreat at fair haven sounds great. The rooms look super cozy and the dog is cute as well. I love to have a host who really cares for their guests, that’s why I don’t like staying at conventional hotels and rater stay with locals.

  6. Haha yes!! Newfoundland, Canada. I think that might be one of the best places in the world to find friendly, homey, warm, cosy, and wonderful B&Bs. That menu is so sweet, and the whole experience looks so comfortable 🙂

  7. A B&B was a great choice in Newfoundland! It sounds like Celeste was a great host. And a great Canadian ambassador. It was nice that you got a menu with choices for breakfast. I too would have had trouble picking the healthy choice!

  8. Looks like a cosy retreat in Newfoundland. I’ve travelled around Newfoundland and loved the people and the culture. It can be a bit difficult finding accommodation there.

  9. Wow, not only are the rooms decorated beautifully, so clean and tidy but I love how they did the menus. I love Bread & Breakfast places because you get to live with a local family and it’s so much more personal and warm that way. If you have a host as lovely as the one you did at Fair Heaven, then nothing like it. So cosy and lovely. And their pooch is a darling it seems!

  10. This looks like a lovely B&B to stay in, really homely and the breakfast looks yummy! I liked the tick box option menu. Newfoundland is such a nice place to visit and a B&B is the nicer option, to get the local vibe.

  11. Those pancakes look delicious! And what a lovely, homely B&B. Your room looks very well equipped too – sometimes designer hotels forget the basics of somewhere to hang your clothes etc!

  12. Glad you discovered charm and coziness of B&B stays.
    Usually, local people at B&B places are the best hosts ever. Noone can beat their hospitality!

  13. What a lovely accommodation. Zoe seems adorable and playful. I specifically liked the wall art behind the beds. Fair Haven Retreat’s ocean view room is surely amazing.

  14. It looks like a great place to stay. It’s cute and cosy and I love the dog!

  15. The Ocean View Room at Fair Haven Retreat sounds amazing. Loved the interior decoration of the rooms. The option to choose your breakfast from the menu sounds like a great idea.

  16. Danielle Desir

    Fair Haven is making a great case for b&bs which are often less talked about in lodging. I love that makeup remover is an amenity and that you can select what you want to eat ahead of time the night before.

  17. What a quaint spot! I love that you can pick from breakfast options and the time you would like to eat. That’s always super helpful when we travel. Plus, Celeste sounds like an exceptional host!

  18. It looks like a great place to stay, thank you for sharing this info

  19. Oh I love Bnb’s you can meet some great local characters! Zoe looks like a wonderful dog, and Celeste sounds great – I find that often the people make the stay far more memorable. That being said the room and breakfast looks great too!

  20. The retreat looks really cosy and homey. And Zoe is adorable!

  21. That is a really cute place you found. Cozy is the right word for it. And the breakfast looks yummy too. The room looks compact but comfortable.

  22. It’s funny – the place really looks like coming home to you old room at mummy’s; the furniture, the decoration, the entire feel to it is so homey. What a great option.

  23. When accommodation offers pancakes and smoothies for breakfast, that automatically a high * rating from me 😉 Fair Haven Retreat looks like a super cosy place to stay too

  24. Oh my gosh, I love a good Bed and Breakfast. It looks like you certainly found one! I love that your menu was so detailed and included pictures–it would be nice if they all did that! 🙂

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