20 Photos that will inspire you to visit Canada

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As it’s Canada’s 150th birthday this year, we at The Curious Explorers would love to show you why people from all around the world should visit this amazing country. Canada has everything, from mountains, lakes, flat lands, stunning city skylines to islands, ocean (there’s three of them to check out!), and the variety of different dialects and languages.


It’s Canada’s 150th birthday TODAY (1st July 2017) and we from The Curious Explorer’s Headquarters like to wish our friends across the pond all the best and celebrate in style (don’t get too drunk guys). Let’s celebrate together by showing you the best photos which Danik took over two trips to Canada back in the summers of 2010 and 2015 and hopefully this will inspire you to visit this amazing part of the country. Claire hasn’t been to Canada yet but we are pleased to announce that we are doing a road trip from Vancouver to St John’s in 2018, the flight tickets have been brought and we can’t wait to drive the whole length of the Trans-Canadian-Highway-1 and we are already planning the trip.

Now let’s party, drink some Molson’s Canadian and eat loads of Poutine!

Canada, Alberta
Lake Moraine – Alberta, one of Canada’s main natural highlights which has to be visited.
Home to one of Canada's top comedy shows, Corner Gas. Rouleau is the small town set for the fictional town of Dog River
Rouleau, Saskatchewan
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
The Hoodoo’s in Drumheller
Canada, City, Landscapes, Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa, Canada’s capital
Canadian Rockies, Canada, British Columbia, Alberta
Nothing beats the scenery in the Canadian Rockies
Canadian Rockies, Canada, British Columbia, Alberta
So much wildlife to see on the way. Bears, elk, chipmunks…they all roam the country.
British Columbia, Mountains, Canada
Mt. Robson – the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
You can also walk between the tree tops in British Columbia
British Columbia, Canada
Stunning Waterfalls like this, Bridal Veils in British Columbia
Checking out the best views in Toronto, Canada
Climbing up the CN Tower and checking out Lake Ontario is a must do!
Canada, Food
Did we mention that breakfast’s can be huge and tasty here?
Victoria, British Columbia, Canbada
Lots of British influence here in Western Canada (but lots of French influence in Quebec). Photo: Victoria, BC
Chemainus, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
The small town of Chemainus on Vancouver Island is full of lots of street art! Can you spot them all?
Saskatchewan, Canada
Mac The Moose – the largest moose in the world is located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Road trips in Canada can be quite interesting.
British Columbia, Canada
Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park, BC
Alberta, Canadian Rockies, Canada
One of the most scenic drives in Canada – Highway 93 between Lake Louise and Jasper in Alberta
British Columbia, Canada
Field, BC
Canada, British Columbia
Did we mention Road Trips are great in Canada?
Why does Niagara Falls have to be a tourist trap?
Niagara Falls
Happy Canada Days guys! Just don’t get too drunk. Here’s to another 150 years.

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  1. Alright! We are convinced! I mean… totally! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos that make us want to fly to Canada right away! 🙂
    Travel with Mei and Kerstin recently posted…Bonaventure Cemetery: Our First Stop in Savannah

  2. Happy birthday Canada! I always love seeing photos of Canada’s beautiful spots. It’s such a scenic country and I do agree that travelling around by road is fun. Also, Canada’s National Parks are free this year. So it’s a top year to visit.

  3. I’ve always loved Canada. I went on a lot of hikes when I was there. I will go back for more for sure. The first picture already got me wanting to book a ticket again. Luckily, my canadian cousin is getting married next year, and so I will most likely go.
    karlaroundtheworld recently posted…Northern Montenegro Tour with 360 Monte

  4. I really need to visit Canada and I would love to visit the amazing landscape in Alberta some day, but I’ll probably wait till the celebrations die down, I’m sure it is already quite busy to see everything at this time.

  5. Wow! You had me on the first photo. I can’t believe you went that close to a huge bear. And aside from the landscapes, I also want to check out those street art.
    Jing recently posted…10 Things I Learned From My 10 Days in India

  6. Love the untouched wilderness of Canada. The first pic gives it away though I would love to stay away from those grizzly bears.
    Gokul Raj recently posted…How to deal with the ‘Traveler’s Tummy’ ?

  7. Canada is indeed looks very beautiful! I was there twice in the past, but I feel like returning after seeing your photos.

  8. Canada is such a gorgeous country and one that I would love to revisit to explore much more! Your photos are so beautiful and do really inspire us to go back!
    Nic recently posted…Top 5 Haunted Locations of Delhi

  9. Really fun post! I love the shirt. There are some great places to visit in this big country. I have lived in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Lake Louise & Banff and still have so much more to see!

  10. Beautiful. We haven’t been to this continent yet, but when we do make our first trip, we know it will be Canada..for all its natural scenic wonders.

  11. Nice! I loved visiting Ottawa, Victoria, and Vancouver. 😉 The Hoodoo’s in Drumheller look very cool. I’d like to see that and take photographs. 😉 I’m all about having proper tea at the Fairmont Hotels when in Canada. 😉
    melody pittman recently posted…Rio Coco Beans and Cafe: The Coolest Coffee Shop in Vero Beach

  12. Megan Jerrard

    Canada is such an incredible country – Lake Moraine has been high on my bucketlist forever – it’s definitely Gods country once you leave the city limits! Some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.

  13. Canada is an incredibly beautiful country! So far I have only been to Toronto, Niagara Falls and various places East of Toronto, but would love to see the Rocky Mountains and some of the famous lakes in the west! Definitely one of the most amazing countries in the world! Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Mike Clegg – Travel and Destinations recently posted…Top Tips for Travelling in Europe for the First Time

  14. Canada is utterly gorgeous! Great pics to showcase the beauty of this country. I love the nature side as well as the city side of Canada. Hoping to visit Banff soon!

  15. Happy Canada Day! These photos of Canada is indeed beautiful! But above all the kind people of Canada is the main reason why I would like to visit Canada. Hope to see you around!
    Cai Dominguez recently posted…CabinZero, Thanks For Being my Best Bag Buddy!

  16. You are right! Canada is such a beautiful country, and everytime I see more photos I want to return. Someday, I’ll take that road trip!
    Corinne recently posted…Our Guide To The Top Open Air Museums For Kids In Germany

  17. I love Canada its a beautiful country. I have done both the west and east coast but still feel there is loads more to see. The rockies are so beautiful, I totally fell in love with the country when I did that trip. Hopefully I can visit the west coast again soon.
    clare recently posted…Top Things to do in South Dakota

  18. I’m so excited to visit Ottawa next year! Going on a quick weekend trip to see the tulip festival in May. Also, love the posed pictures with beer, Danik haha!

  19. Yay, my home country! I’ve gotta make it out to the West Coast sometime soon.

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