Exploring the Wineries in BC, Canada

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Exploring the wineries in British Columbia, Canada

This year I turned 30 and to celebrate this milestone, Danik planned a special month long trip which started in Canada. We spent five days staying in Mission, not far from Vancouver with two of Danik’s friends who happen to appreciate good wine.

Now I must admit, before this trip I never knew Canada even produced wine. Until a few years ago I was never that interested in wine. I liked it, I drank it but I never appreciated it. I knew about the big wines from France, California, New Zealand but I never stopped to consider that wine can be produced outside of these places. It was only after taking a tour of Vineyards in Essex that I had my first wine tasting which is what made me start appreciating wines.

Wine tasting in Essex

Having the chance to experience Canadian wineries in BC was something I couldn’t pass up! British Columbia produces more than 20 million litres of wine so it’s safe to say they know what they are doing. This is what I wanted to find out so while we were in Mission we checked out a few of the local wineries and went for some tasting.


Singletree Winery

The first stop on our tour of wineries in BC was a visit to Singletree Winery. This family operated vineyard is located in Mt. Lehman in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. The warm summers and mild winters of the Fraser Valley make it the ideal region for growing grapes for wine. The family at Singletree are committed to showing the world what Fraser Valley is capable of.

Wine tasting at Singletree Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

The winery is open for wine tasting between 12-5:30pm on Saturday to Thursday and 12-6pm on Fridays. You simply turn up and taste a selection of their wines. You have the choice of white wines, red wines or a mixture of both. We started off tasting the refreshing sparkling wine before moving onto the Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc. Out of the two I must say I preferred the pear and tropical fruit flavours of the Pinot Gris.

Delicious wines from Singletree Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

Next we moved onto what was my favourite wine of the tasting, the complex Homestead. The mangos and pineapple really do dominate the nose. I enjoyed this one so much I ended up buying a bottle to take to Hawaii with me.

Enjoying some wine bought during wine tasting at Singletree Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada
Enjoying my wine from Singletree while in Hawaii

I also tried one of their red wines during the tasting. I’m not really a huge red wine drinker but I wanted to try a Canadian red wine while I was here. We sampled their gold winning red wine, the Harness. The red wine is 52% Merlot and 48% Cabernet Sauvignon and has a dark fruity taste I quite enjoyed.

Wine tasting at Singletree Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

The wine tasting does of course cost a small fee, however, this fee is waived if you purchase any of their wines. A perfect excuse to take a bottle, or 2, of their wines home with you.

Wine tasting at Singletree Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

Seaside Pearl Winery 

Just down the road from Singletree in the Fraser Valley is Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery. This small estate winery is owned by a family passionate about creating artisanal wines. What I loved about this place was the fact their wine tasting is done in the cute copper spired chapel. The best part about it is the stunning panoramic views of the nearby mountains reflect in the chapel windows.

Wine tasting at Seaside Pearl Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

It’s the beautiful chapel where the wine tasting takes place and is open between 12pm and 6pm Tuesdays to Sunday. Small groups are welcome to just drop in but groups of 6 or more are asked to book ahead of time.

Wine tasting at Seaside Pearl Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

During our tasting we sampled a few whites and a few reds. For the whites we tried the clean and elegant Charlotte Estate Petit Milo, the fruit driven Chardonnay and the dry but aromatic Matsqui Prairie Gewürztraminer.

Before we moved onto the red wines we tried the Daffodils Sparkling wine. This crisp sparkling wine had the nose of peach, citrus and spicy floral notes that were just a delight to drink. I enjoyed it so much I bought myself a bottle to take home to enjoy with our hosts.

Wine tasting at Seaside Pearl Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

The red wines we sampled were the earthy and spicy Interurban Cabernet Foch, the blended Landing Road with it’s rich flavours of blackberry and chocolate and the bold and complex Royal Engineers Petite Verdot.

Delicious wines from Seaside Pearl Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

For the wine tasting there is a fee of $12 which is waived upon purchase of their wine. You can also come by and enjoy a plate of cheese and a glass of wine. If I lived nearby I would be doing this frequently!

Wine tasting at Seaside Pearl Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

Chaberton Estate Winery

Located just 45 minutes outside of Vancouver in the rolling hills of south Langley, Chaberton is one of the largest wineries in BC and the oldest in the Fraser Valley. Their wines have won numerous awards in competitions held throughout Canada, the United States and even Europe.

Wine tasting at Chaberton Estate Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

Public winery tours take place all year round (weather permitting) between 11:30am and 3pm daily. Or you can head over to the wine shop for a wine tasting. The wine tasting room is open 10am to 6pm Monday to Wednesday, 10am to 8pom on Thursday to Saturday and 11am to 6pm on Sunday. The tasting cost $5 per person but like the others this fee is waived upon purchase of a bottle of wine.

Delicious wines from Chaberton Estate Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

Before starting the wine tasting we were asked if we preferred white wine or red wine. I selected white wines and asked what type of white wines I prefer so that they could select the best wines for me.

During the tasting I tried the fruity Valley Chardonnay, the off-dry Baccus and the crips Sauvignon Blanc. After sampling a few white wines I also wanted to try the Rose which was unusual to other rose wines I have ever tried. It has sweet petal aromas and hints of strawberry and rhubarb with a citrus zest on the palate that has a candy floss confection finish. It was so delightful to drink we all ended up buying a bottle.

Wine tasting at Chaberton Estate Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

Having Dinner at Chaberton Estate Winery

What the Chaberton Estate Winery also has is the Bacchus Bistro restaurant, a highly rated restaurant that needs to be pre-booked due to it’s popularity. The Bistro serves authentic French cuisine made from local ingredients with a West Coast flair. As it overlooks the 55 acre vineyard it creates the perfect setting for a lovely meal out with loved ones and friends. It’s the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion.

Wines growing at Chaberton Estate Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

I started with the Organic Mushrooms & Mt. Lehman Buffala Fresca Tart served warm with hazelnut praline, arugula sala tossed in a white truffle vinaigrette. It may have been the most delicious tart I have every had in my life! After my first bite I knew I was in for a treat.

Having dinner at Chaberton Estate Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

For the main I went for the Za’atar Roasted Organic Banana Squash with spiced garbanzo mash, pea shoot salad, goat yogurt-tahini. After the delicious starter, this main didn’t disappoint. Sometimes I feel that chefs don’t put much effort into the vegetarian options but the chef at Bacchus Bistro clearly knows what they are doing!

Having dinner at Chaberton Estate Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

It’s not very often I can manage a 3 course meal but while we were eating we could see delicious looking desserts coming out and all of us agreed a dessert was a must! I had the chocolate mousse which was delightful but I think everyone agreed Danik’s eclairs looked amazing.

Having dinner at Chaberton Estate Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

I definitely recommend having a meal when coming to the Chaberton Estate Winery. The Bistro is open for lunch 11:30am to 3pm Wednesday through to Sunday and open for dinner between 5:30pm and 9pm Thursday through to Saturday.

Having dinner at Chaberton Estate Winery - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

Kermode Wild Berry Wine

While we didn’t visit it this trip, a winery also worth mentioning is Kermode Wild Berry. They are unique from other wineries in BC as they create fruit wines. They estimate that there are at least 30 edible berries in BC and so far they have made wines with a third of those berries.

This wine tasting is a unique experience not to miss! The wine tasting room is open 12-6pm daily.

Wine tasting at Kermode Wild Berry Wine - Exploring the wineries in BC, Canada

So there you have it. Some of the amazing wineries in BC creating delicious wine. Which winery would you want to visit? Comment below!

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Exploring the wineries in British Columbia, Canada

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  1. I never knew Canadian wine was a thing Claire. Seeing those vineyards and hearing of your experience, big time different story. Way cool.

  2. Ooohh.. What a lovely experience! So cool that you were able to do this on your 30th birthday. 🙂 I’ve never tried wine tasting trips before too but after reading this, it looks like a cool thing to do.. Plus the wineries you’ve visited sounds pretty cool.

  3. I struggle with wine tasting, I never taste the ‘hints’ of whatever the current wine has in it and just pretend I do. Which is odd because I can taste the fruits in beer. Anyways, I think it would be super interesting to check out Kermode Wild Berry and see what they have come up with! Oh, and happy birthday!

  4. I did not know that British Columbia produces so many wines. Such a lovely experience in my opinion, I am always a fan of going for wine tasting, enjoying a lovely meal at the wineries. The food and ambience at Chaberton Estate Winery looks perfect. A great way to spend your 30th 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you got to celebrate with one of the great things in one of the most beautiful areas of my home country! <3

  6. Somehow, I could never visit any wineries so far and your post has given me a rened travel goal to visit one soon. Wow, what a way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Even, it’s a news for me too that BC produces wine that too 20 million litres. Love the structure of Seaside Pearl Winery. Would love to tatse wine there in the cute copper spired chapel.

  7. Jennifer Melroy

    Seaside Pearl Winery sounds amazing. I love the concept of drinking wine in a chapel. Daffodils Sparkling sounds like my kind of wine.

  8. Happy 30th. Great way to celebrate birthdays. Before reading this article, even I did not know Canada produced wine. 🙂 . $5 for wine tasting is quite alright. How many wines can you taste. For me after participating in 3 or 4 wine tasting sessions , the wine starts working on me. I attribute it to a heady mix of all sorts of wine :). Not complaining though. haha

  9. Welcome to thrilling thirties!
    What a great way to celebrate! Good range of wineries here. The experience seems good. I want to visit one of these here.

  10. I never really thought of Canada as a big wine country, but that’s awesome that there’s so much good wine to drink! This looks like an awesome experience, thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I knew BC produced wines only because of a chat I had to a winemaker in Niagara region a couple of years back, he explained that his family came from a BC wine producing area! Great way to celebrate your 30th birthday!

  12. I, too, never knew Canada produced wine, but these are some lovely places. All I know is the price of wine in Canada will blow a hole in your pocket – at least in Toronto. Just give me a cold Sauvignon or a Pinot and I’m good to go. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I honestly do not have any ideas about wines, on what should it taste like. haha! For me, they are all the same. But after reading this, I got some ideas. Never thought that Canada has wineries too!

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