A relaxing stay at the TUI Sensimar Scheherazade

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Looking for a beach resort in Tunisia which overlooks the sea and sandy beach, a hotel which offers comfortable accommodation, great food, superb service and different varieties of nightlife?Then look no further than the Sensimar Scheherazade which is owned by the TUI group (one of Europe’s biggest tour operators) which is located in the resort of Sousse.

Also known as Couples Sousse in English, this hotel can be booked up via booking with them directly if just after a room and want a few nights here but otherwise most visitors like myself went through the TUI group. Booking via TUI meant (depending on which option you take at the time of booking but for this review I booked the all-inclusive), that I got airport transfers to and from the hotel which is about a fifty minute journey, a comfortable room for seven nights, all the meals included, insurances and on-call service from TUI staff members.

As soon as I walked through the main entrance this is what I saw. The hotel reception is just to the right.


It was late at night when I arrived but was greeted with staff holding cold drinks (which was very much needed). The check in procedure was quick and swift and before I knew it, I was in my room already sleeping, with the windows wide open so I could see the twinkling stars over the sea. The next morning I attended a welcome meeting hosted by the TUI holiday representative, telling everyone what can be done on the resort, what not to do in the town and also details of tours which can be purchased for an extra fee.

Hotel facade and appearances inside

The hotel rating provided by TUI is 4.5 stars which is really high but compare this to European hotels, I would say it’s a 3 star. But hey, that’s hotel rating systems which likes to confuse people’s mind but I don’t care. Looking at other hotels along the Boulevard du 14 janvier, this is definitely one of the better hotels. The hotel has had a major refurbishment, a good paint job and clean up, from outside appearances, this hotel is much more appealing to the eye. Walking inside, the marble floors are clean, there is no mess and there is no wear and tear in the furniture. There are a few more hotels nearer to the medina on this stretch of road which are suppose to be five star but look like they need a major repair as soon as possible.

The Rooms

Here I would say the rooms are pretty average size but still plenty of room to sing, dance and jump around in. First thing noticeable has to be the bed. For me, the mattresses was hard and thought to myself, how on earth am I going to get some sleep? Believe me, I slept perfectly for those seven nights and my back was fine. No problems with the bed. There was plenty of storage space for clothes and luggage, a modern television with a variety of English, French, German, Spanish and Italian channels to watch from as well as the local television network.

The bedroom
The bedroom

In the washroom, had no problem with the plumbing. The water taps were working and providing clean water as well as the toilet flusher was working and there was nothing blocking the system. Around the sink area, the worktop is huge and plenty of space to put the toiletries.

Washroom – toilet and shower
Washroom – sink area
A view from the room overlooking the pool and the sea

The Food

As I had an all inclusive package, I had three meals a day provided and it was all buffet style. After seven days I found this a little bit boring but the standard of the food, the way it was cooked and presented was fantastic. The range of different food cuisines are there, from Chinese, Indian, African, European….there is something here to suit everyone. My favourite food here has to be the after-dinner ice cream. Reminds me of ice cream in Italy, smooth texture and so very lickable.

I just loved the range of desserts on offer.
My typical breakfast, couldn’t help getting a bowl of cereal in as well

The Swimming Pool

There are two swimming pools here in the resort, one in the main courtyard near the front of house which I never got to use. It is less used by visitors but for those who really want to relax and want some piece of quiet whilst laying in the sun, then this is the place to be. The larger pool between the hotel building and the beach, is shaped in a sidewards ‘T’ and is ideal for all ages with it’s easy access. There are plenty of lounges on the huge patio next to the pool to chill out on.

The swimming pool in the courtyard
The swimming pool in the courtyard
The outside pool

The Beach

The private beach is of a safe standard, a very clean standard and is just simply perfect. With lifeguards nearby, plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas and the sea right in from me, it was a perfect place to relax and take the stress away.


I felt safe whilst enjoying my stay at the hotel and saying that, there was security at the car park entrance to the hotel and another person on sight. On the beach from time to time, security and police will pass by to keep an eye on things. However things have slightly changed since the events of Sousse beach back in June 2015 when one guy shot thirty eight people in a resort near here. Security has been stronger since then and I wouldn’t be put off from another trip to the beautiful beaches of Sousse.


This was a splendid and charming stay in the resort and a great place to get away from it all. I really did enjoy myself, I felt safe, I was made to feel like home by the staff and I came away with many good memories and a big smile on my face. If visiting Sousse, then consider the Scheherazade Hotel.


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My time at the Scheherazade Hotel was paid for by myself and was not sponsored in any way by the company. The opinions in this post are my own.  

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  1. Looks like a really fun place Danik. I also would have gone with that breakfast. I cannot turn down a Western style meal, along with Western style cereal. Cocoa Puffs? Looks like it. As for the hotel, very solid lodging and you cannot beat the location. I used to work with a Tunisian during my security guard days. He says his country is a nice place to visit. I have to agree with him, based on this rocking post.


  2. It’s nice to read an honest and full review of a hotel that’s not sponsored! Well done! I loved the line, “average size but still plenty of room to sing, dance and jump around in.” 🙂
    The views of the pool and palm trees look great!

  3. I love how there are so many options to get in the water! It’d be hard to decide whether to go in one of those pools or to the beach.

  4. That is such a detailed review of every aspect of the hotel that a traveler needs to know. I agree with the looks of it does sound more like a 3-star property but then who cares as long as you get what you need and are comfortable with the property.

  5. Looks like such a relaxing place! I’m totally in love with the pools. Take me there right now! Nothing like swimming around in the sunshine with a drink in your hand. The hotel looks beautiful, too!

  6. It’s true that 4.5 stars seem a little exaggerated but it looks like a nice and comfortable hotel – I love the outdoor pool and the location seems great, right on a private beach! A good hotel suggestion, thanks for sharing!

  7. Fit for the Royalty and aptly named Scheherazade. I am reminded of the Arabian nights though this is much too modern for that. I guess it is because of the name and the opulence it signifies. Sure would like to visit this hotel in Tunisia.

  8. The Sensimar Scheherazade looks like an ideal getaway by the sea. For me the best part of this nice hotel seems to be the pool, it looks so inviting and the fact that it is near the beach make the place all the more endearing. The food also looks quite sumptuous and the desserts look tantalizingly tempting. I think it looks like a great place to relax and enjoy the good things of life.

  9. You have a fantastic view from your hotel room! The biggest appeal to me is the great variety of cuisines they have available one-site!

  10. I am always looking for hotels with a great swimming pool and access to the beach which this hotel definitely has. Added benefit is good food and amazing service, which this hotel also seems to have. Thanks for the recommendation, if and when I plan a trip to Tunis, I will surely look it up.

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