Why I Love the Trtl Travel Pillow

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Why I Love the Trtl Travel Pillow

My Struggle For Comfort

I’ve always struggled to sleep on public transport. Over the years I’ve tried many different things to help me escape to dreamland to make a journey go quicker but with no luck. I’ve tried taking sleeping tablets, draining my body of sleep for 24+ hours, watching a bad film. Nothing was working for me. I’d even resorted to taking high levels of pain killers. Clearly a sign of desperation!

However, there was one thing I had been refusing to try; a travel pillow. I had thought about investing in one a few times but I they’ve always looked so awkward to travel with. They’re big, bulky and never fit in your hand luggage which means they need to be carried. Considering the plane journey is a small part of your travels, it never seemed worth the hassle.

Claire and Danik (The Curious Exlorers) on a flight to Beijing


Introducing the Trtl Travel Pillow

I never thought I’d be excited about a travel pillow and then the Trtl (pronounced turtle) travel pillow was introduced to my life. I had a long haul flight to Beijing and Melbourne coming up and I was eager to test out this new kind of travel pillow.

The Trtl Travel Pillow


What Makes the Trtl Travel Pillow Special?

The Trtl travel pillow is like no other travel pillow I’ve ever seen on the market. Rather than being big and bulky it’s soft, light and easy to carry.

The pillow is more like a scarf made of a super soft fleece. Yet it is still sturdy enough to sleep on thanks to the supportive ribs that have been scientifically proven to provide head and neck support. What makes it even better is this plastic rib can be removed so the pillow is washing machine safe. Perfect!

The Trtl Travel Pillow


First Impressions of The Trtl Travel Pillow

I was excited when my pillow arrived in the post. The pillow comes in a variety of colours and we had a simple, sleek, black pillow for Danik and a super cute pink pillow for me. The first thing that I noticed was how compact the pillow was. This was definitely the travel pillow for me!

Before I actually unwrapped the pillow I noticed just how soft it was. I couldn’t stop stroking it! I couldn’t wait to have this soft fleece wrapped around my neck.

The Trtl Travel Pillow


Putting the Trtl Travel Pillow to the Test

This past trip was the most intense trip we have ever done so we certainly put the pillow to the test!

Over 14 days we flew London , England > Kiev, Ukraine > Beijing, China > Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia > Melbourne, Australia > Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia > Beijing, China > Kiev, Ukraine > London, England. In total we flew almost 24,000 miles (38,500km). Most of these flights were night flights!

Getting comfortable on a plane thanks to the Trtl Travel Pillow

Getting comfortable on a plane thanks to the Trtl Travel Pillow


How I Got On With the Trtl Travel Pillow

I’ll be honest, I have always had trouble sleeping on public transport and I really didn’t expect the Trtl travel pillow to make much of a difference. I was excited to give it a try because it was unique to any other travel pillow I’ve ever seen on the market but I really wasn’t expecting it to work miracles.

However, as it turns out, the pillow can perform miracles! My sleeping problems are so bad that even on a 24 hours British Airways business class flight to Sydney where you get ‘beds’ to lie down completely, I still could only sleep for a max of 40 minutes at a time.

On our recent trip we were flying economy on budget airlines so I was expecting to stay away during our night flights. As you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised that just wrapping this pillow around my neck could make me drift off to a peaceful sleep. I even managed to drift off for 3.5 hours on one of my flights. For me that’s a huge thing!

Getting comfortable on a plane thanks to the Trtl Travel Pillow

Would I Recommend the Trtl Travel Pillow?

I’m sure by now you know that I am going to 100% recommend the trtl travel pillow. It really did exceed my expectations. I am so happy to have the trtl pillow in my life and now it’s here, I can’t imagine traveling without it! I’ve finally found a way to be able to sleep on public transport.


Why I Love it:

  • It’s soft which makes it great to snuggle (I’m such a girl!)
  • It’s warm which is great as planes can be cold
  • It’s unisex so if I do ever forget mine I can steal Danik’s
  • It’s machine washable so it’ll always be fresh
  • It’s scientifically proven to provide neck support
  • It’s small and easy to carry
  • It’s comfortable enough to make even me fall asleep


How to Get a Trtl Travel Pillow

If you would like to get hold of one of these amazing pillows, and I seriously recommend it, head over to their website to order one. Trust me when I say you won’t regret it!



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Why I Love the Trtl Travel Pillow

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48 Responses

  1. That looks awesome! I gave up on my travel pillow because it was just too bulky and I hated the idea of the blow-up ones – such a hassle! I might have to give this one a try, although I bet some people look at you very oddly while wearing it, haha. Oh well – the sacrifices we make for good sleep!!

    • Haha yeah I must admit I felt a little self conscious putting it on at first but after getting some comfortable sleep I no longer cared!
      Plus I think we looked weirder doing a photoshoot wearing it on our crowded plane!

    • I was thinking about that too! lol imagine the people walking by. But if it’s comfy who cares what others think ^_^

  2. I’ve never been a fan of the traditional travel pillows that fit around your neck, but these ones look like they might be much comfier! I’ll have to give them a shot

  3. Wow! Although I can sleep almost anywhere, that pillow looks so darn comfy! I like how it’s not too bulky to bring for traveling. Thanks for sharing this, Claire!

  4. Innnnteresting! I’ve never heard of this pillow but I’m seriously intrigued! I’d love to try one out. I love that they seem more supportive and less bulky than the traditional U shaped travel pillows. Is the rib just on one side? Wonder how it would work for v petite people!

    • Its on one side but can be placed on either side of your neck. I was wearing it on a different side each time depending what was comfortable at the time. It should be fine on petite people as it’ll just get wrapped around a little more

  5. The photos of you and Danik are cracking me up ! I am a terrible sleeper on planes and this still looks a little weird to me and not really something that I think would make my head feel comfy. But, willing to give it a go based on your recommendation.

    • Well it’s always nice to know we are keeping our readers entertained 😉 I will admit I was a little self conscious putting it on at first because it looks a little weird but after getting some comfortable sleep I no longer cared!

  6. Pretty cool. I should test that one because I usually have a sore neck when I lean for too long to the left or right 😀 This looks like a promising discovery 🙂 Thank you guys!

    • Sounds like you could do with this pillow. It’s great because if you do want to lean the opposite direction you simply turn it around

  7. I can never sleep on planes! I would love to try one of these sometime. I hate showing up tired after a plane ride and being tired.

    • Yes showing up tired is the worst. It just ruins your first day. With all the night flights we had in this recent trip I was so grateful for this pillow!

  8. I hate traditional travel pillows! Yes, they’re really helpful but suck in the long run. So I’m really intrigued by this.

    • Yes I’ve never seen the point in those traditional pillows. They’ve always looked like more hassle than they are worth! That’s why I’m very glad to have found the trtl pillow

  9. Interesting. I am the same like you and find it difficult to sleep, especially on flights – wine often comes to the rescue – and of the reason is being uncomfortable never being able to use airline pillows. This looks like a good alternative and something I will give a try.

    • Yes I’m worried to think how much wine I’ve drunk on planes just trying to sleep. The pillow was a much better option and it doesn’t fill your bladder up in the process 😉

  10. This pillow looks perfect! I love the size of it; it’s so hard to find a pillow that isn’t too bulky for lugging around. It’s nice it’s also warm. I’m always cold on flights!

    • The size is it’s major selling point (in my opinion) but the soft warm fleece helps make it the best pillow ever (again, in my opinion)

  11. Like you, I rarely sleep well on planes. I can drink enough (!) to help me doze for a while here and there, but I’ve never been one of those people who sleeps 7+ hours on a flight. I wish I was! Looks like THIS may be a good solution for me, given a bunch of upcoming long flights. I’ll be checking it out!

    • Yes I’ve tried multiple glasses of wine many time but it just wasn’t working for me. Thank God I found this pillow before our long flights. I wouldn’t have survived without it!

  12. I am adamantly against travel pillows. It’s just one extra thing to carry. This one would be way too hot with all the fleece, and it would tangle my hair in the back. Not something I would purchase, but glad it worked for you.

    • I have a lot of hair and actually didn’t find it a problem. But I know what you mean, sometimes you just cant bare to have to carry one more item

  13. You sound exactly like me! I usually only sleep about an hour on a flight. I’m almost willing to try anything to resolve this issue. I’m definitely going to look more into the trtl travel pillow. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • I feel your pain! Until I tried this pillow I really thought I’d never be able to sleep on planes!

  14. I’ve gone through so many travel pillows, and lost trust in all of them! Perhaps I’ll have to give this one a try at some stage!!

    • I really do recommend it. This pillow is unlike all the other ones I’ve seen on the market

  15. Neat! I love my foam travel pillow, but this one looks even more compact.

  16. Wow – the Trtl travel pillow looks fantastic! I don’t have trouble sleeping on planes, but my kids do. This pillow looks so cozy – they will love it!

  17. I have to admit, it looks like someone finally came up with a product that doesn’t hurt your neck, supports it, more than those thick pillows. I hate them. Thanks.

  18. Omg I totally need this type of pillow in my life! At first the photos look like it would be kind of thin and maybe a bit firm on the neck. But I liked reading your review and knowing that you got some sleep on your flight! Thanks for reviewing!

  19. Oh my god, this would be really helpful for my long work travels. I have always hated the classic flight pillow that hurt my neck so bad. I will definitely try one of this!

    Thanks for the advice!

    Gustavo Woltmann

  20. I use an inflatable neck pillow as they compact nicely, but this one looks very comfortable and the position looks like it holds your head up better. Did it get hot around your neck?

    • Yes it keeps your head very secure while you sleep. It does keep you warm but I wasn’t over heating with it around my neck

  21. Loved that you mentioned it keeps you warm. That sure is the winning factor for me. Airplanes can be really brutally cold!

  22. I’ve tried a variety of travel pillows for my neck issues and this looks pretty promising. I like that it’s also not as bulky as most puffy ones and it’s adjustable. Nice!

  23. This looks awesome! I might have to go buy one right now. I’ve never seen a travel pillow like this before – it really does look more like a scarf than a travel pillow. Great find and great review – thanks for sharing!

  24. As funny as they look, I love that pillow!!! I am a big plane sleeper. I am normally asleep before we take off, and I won’t wake up until we land. I can sort of sleep anywhere though, so i’ve never used a neck pillow! Something to look into!

  25. I have a habit of sleeping on the plane as soon as I find my seat. But I found difficulties in sleeping on the moving plane. Last month my friend suggested me Trtl pillow & I bought 2 pillows. Yes, It does it’s work genuinely. It gives me comfort even for long hours traveling.

  26. We tried these on our recent return flight from Canada! Whilst I still didn’t sleep well, I was certainly more comfortable using my TRTL than usual and definitely felt more rested. Hubby couldn’t get on with his but I think that may be down to user error as at one point it seemed to be velcroed to his seat…

  27. Usually not much of a pillow person. But need some cushioning on those long haul flights when you doze in and out of the realms of sleep. The Trtl pillow looks really cozy and comfortable. What I really like about it is that is light and easy to carry, so not much add on to the baggage which is great news.

  28. The travel pillow is really useful for long trips

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