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Who are The Curious Explorers?

The Curious Explorers is a merge between Curious Claire and Danik the Explorer. Two influential UK travel bloggers who have now joined forces to create one super travel blog. We are curious about the world and ready to explore it further. As lovers of nature we often go on hiking adventures but also like to showcase great getaway for couples.


Why work with The Curious Explorers?

We are two experienced travel bloggers who have built up a strong and engaged audience. We are highly active on social media platforms with a loyal following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and recently, Instagram Stories. Working with us will open your brand or product to a wider audience.

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What can The Curious Explorers do for you?

  • Brand ambassadors
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Hotel reviews
  • Tour reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Press trips
  • Sponsored trips
  • Giveaways


How to get in touch

If you want to know more about working with The Curious Explorers you can send an email to:


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